Twitter in the (Art) Library

As I’m sure we’ve all heard, Twitter is The Next Big Thing. This micro-blogging site allows you to post 140-charater messages to your “followers” and in turn follow the “tweets” of others.

The New York Times has published several great pieces about Twitter in the last few weeks:

After reading all that, I’m sure you’re asking how this shiny new Web 2.0 tool could become a Library 2.0 tool. Here are a few examples of twittering libraries:

So what do you think? What can art, architecture, and visual resources libraries do with Twitter that perhaps hasn’t been possible before? How does tweeting support our basic mission(s)? Know of a particularly good example of libraries or librarians using Twitter? Let’s talk about it (and more) in the comments below.

Aggregating Conference News


In an attempt to aggregate more than just the conference news coming out of ARLIS/NA, I’ve created a widget that pulls RSS information from Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Google Alerts, Delicious, Twitter, as well as the conference’s blog.  Of course, there is also a link to the official conference site.

The aggregation is based on the protocol for previous years’ metadata tag.  This year’s being “arlisna09.”

Please see my post demonstrating the widget located here –

I’ve also set up a couple of groups.  We now have Flickr and YouTube groups for this year’s conference.  Please feel free to join and post.

Student-designed ARLIS/ANZ Website Prototype Chosen

Since September of this year, the ARLIS/ANZ President’s blog detailed the exciting process of choosing a new website designed by Communication Design students at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

In September President Ellen Thompson reported that students were,

“looking at ways to incorporate blogging, wiki and forum technology into the Arlis/ANZ site itself, so that eventually we don’t have to hang third-party freeware off the site, and can communicate with each other and our Chapter colleagues from within our ‘home’. The only way is up, in terms of the functionality we can expect from our future Arlis/ANZ site”

Indeed, the chosen website design does everything mentioned above, and more! Check out the prototype, which is up for demonstration purposes, but awaiting more substantial content. They’ve incorporated space for an image gallery, videos, discussion forums (with spaces for each chapter), a wiki, and more!

Best wishes to the ARLIS/ANZ group on their stunning new web presence!