Online workshop – Institutional Copyright Policies

Via ACRL College Libraries listserv. Note that this course is being taught by the legal counsel for RISD, so expect some discussion of copyright policy as it pertains to artwork and art-centric institutions. It is offered by the Center for Intellectual Property and can be taken as a stand-alone course or towards CIP certification.


Institutional Copyright Policies

January 14-29, 2010
Instructor: Steven McDonald, J.D., General Counsel, Rhode Island School of Design

This online workshop will help you evaluate & answer some of the many questions that flow from the process of policy development within the arena of higher education. Who owns the work? And who can do what with the work? Is cyberspace a separate jurisdiction with a different set of rules than the physical world? Does the institution need a new policy and resource, or is a current policy sufficient and applicable-or adaptable-to the technologies, opportunities, and demands of academic life, both online and offline, in the digital era?

Goals for the course:

In this course, participants will:

1. Gain a practical understanding of basic copyright principles as they apply in and to higher education generally;

2. Learn how to evaluate institutional copyright policies and discuss the development and modification of those policies;

3. Understand the policies and technical steps your institution will need to implement in order to take full advantage of the opportunities that copyright law allows;

4. Gain a greater understanding of Internet law and policy;

5. Be encouraged to think about how copyright policies can serve the educational mission.

Advance your career. The new certification program Copyright Leadership in Higher Education requires that participants take one elective workshop in addition to the core course Foundations in Copyright Management and Leadership.  This foundations course will be offered March 29 – May 21, 2010. Register for certification today and receive this elective workshop for free. Learn more at

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Free Webcasts from the MCN Annual Conference

Interesting (and FREE!) professional development opportunity:

The Museum Computer Network is pleased to announce that five MCN 2009 sessions will be webcast live, free of charge. MCN 2009 takes place week after next in Portland, Oregon.

The webcasts will be on Thursday and Friday, November 12 and 13. We’ll use Twitter to harvest online questions during Q&A in those sessions, which are:

Museum Data Exchange

Tweets to Sweeten Collaborations for Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Libraries, Archives, and Museums: From Collaboration to Convergence

Ramping Up while Scaling Down: Strategic Innovation in Challenging Times

2009 Conference Roundup Roundtable has more information.
Short URL leads to the same page.

Professional Development

If there’s one sure thing in life – it’s change. As librarians, we must be quick to adjust to the changing information needs of library users, which can include adapting our collections, service models, and the physical space of the library. Many libraries are undergoing a time of intense and rapid changes spurred on by shrinking budgets and increased numbers of users. A recent report on the Today Show brought attention to this.

So, how can librarians stay one step ahead and not only adapt to change but also anticipate and plan for it? One way to accomplish this is through continuous professional development. It’s not enough to get the job (see last week’s post on Surviving the Presentation for tips on successful interviewing). To be able to understand the factors that affect libraries, librarians, and our users it’s important to engage in self-assessment, both personally and professionally, and set goals for new skills and responsibilities you would like to acquire. Then, develop a plan for how and when you will obtain these goals. Continuing education is one element of professional development but there may also be informal, community-based groups that provide learning and networking opportunities.

The current budget crisis can make professional development feel like a dream but there are many opportunities for professional development within your organization as well. Job shadowing, attending staff meetings, and keeping in touch with your colleagues and offering to participate in projects they are working on are all excellent ways to gain professional experience and increase your knowledge.

Do you have suggestions of opportunites for professional development? Please share your ideas!

Professional development at ALA-Annual in Chicago

For those of you planning to attend the American Library Association’s annual Conference in Chicago, July 9 – July 15, here are two great programs which may be of interest to new librarians.

The Conference Mentoring Program
(sponsored by the New Members Round Table, NMRT) is open to all ALA members and is designed to connect a first time conference attendee with a ‘seasoned professional’ who can help them navigate the ALA Annual Conference.

For the guidelines and an online application form please visit . The application deadline is June 15, 2009. Applicants will be matched with a Conference Mentor in June and communicate via email or telephone prior to the conference and then meet during the conference. Note: there will be a separate Career Mentoring Program for those interested in professional guidance, details TBA.

ACRL Research Writer’s Consultations – New for ALA Annual – Are you an ACRL member working on a research article? Would you like some constructive feedback? Submit a draft research paper for consultation. They will match new writers with experienced writers and the groups will meet face-to-face during the Chicago conference. Draft research papers must be submitted by June 1, 2009. Papers will be shared only among members of the designated groups. Submission details can be found here:

More info to come on meetings and events of note as the conference approaches.

ALA Annual Conference website:
Follow on Twitter: @alaannual