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Internship Opportunities: Fall Internships at the Smithsonian Libraries, DC Area


Collections Management for Digitizing Monographs
Dates preferred:  September, or Late October-December
Location of internship: SLRA, Pennsy Dr; Landover, MD; with occasional off-site visits to library offices in downtown DC

This opportunity would be ideal for a candidate who is an MLS Student currently in a program who is organized, can work semi-independently, knows the principles of library shelving schematics, has performed reference assistance in a research library, has an interest in a broad range of subject matter including the arts, physical and natural sciences, and American and Western European history, and can engage and operate data spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

The intern, using a SIRIS report sorted by call number and various databases and online sources, would learn to assess the public domain monograph collections housed at Pennsy/SLRA for Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) and Cultural Heritage Library (CHL) digitization candidates. The intern would meet with the branch librarian, preservation conservator, and digital librarians to understand the various points involved in identifying materials for digitization.

The intern will learn or bolster collections management experience in the areas of preservation assessment, use of online resources to assess digitization need, effective use of electronic catalog records and databases to identify items, and how to collaborate across departments.
Graphic Design Internship
Dates preferred: September through December.
Location of internship: Advancement Office, Smithsonian Libraries, National Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC)

This opportunity would be ideal for a candidate with experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and/or other design and publishing software tools necessary.
This is an excellent opportunity for a student to gain experience working in the Advancement Office of the Smithsonian Libraries, the world’s largest museum library system. The Graphic Design Intern assists Advancement staff with various creative aspects of our fundraising activities related to mailings and outreach design, marketing, branding, and cultivation activities. The student will have the opportunity to learn how to design creative materials (invitations, brochures, hand-outs, letters, flyers, print and online advertisements) for various projects as well as participate in social media platforms, including Smithsonian Libraries blog and help design/develop content for the Smithsonian Libraries website and possibly upcoming exhibition materials
Biodiversity Heritage Library Social Media & Digital Campaign Intern
Dates preferred: Fall 2016. Ideally 9/12/2016-12/16/2016 if length acceptable.
Location of internship: Combination of in-person and virtual participation. In-person duty station will be the National Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC).

This opportunity would be ideal for students pursing a Library and Information Science Masters or recent graduates with strong writing and research skills and experience with marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a candidates with image editing skills and proficiency with Photoshop or Canva are strongly preferred. Students with a demonstrated interest in a biological sciences subject specialty, digital librarianship, and/or library marketing are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library, an open access digital library of natural history literature (http://biodiversitylibrary.org/), seeks an intern to help tell the story of life on earth within the context of biodiversity literature through the use of social media and digital campaigns.  The Social Media and Digital Campaign Intern will be mentored by the BHL Outreach and Communication Manager (O&C Manager) and learn to produce social media content that is designed to support BHL’s outreach objectives and help build BHL’s Digital Content Library. The intern will have the opportunity to create custom graphics and experiment with animated media such as GIFs and video for post content.
Biodiversity Heritage Library Product Development and Marketing Intern
Dates preferred: Fall 2016. Ideally 9/12/2016-12/16/2016 if length acceptable.
Location of internship: Combination of in-person and virtual participation. In-person duty station will be the National Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC).

This opportunity would be ideal for students pursing a graphic design and/or marketing degree. Graduate, undergraduate or recent graduate acceptable. In particular, candidates with strong image editing skills and extensive experience using Photoshop as well as students with experience in email marketing and social media marketing strongly preferred.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library, an open access digital library of natural history literature (http://biodiversitylibrary.org/), seeks an intern to help expand BHL’s online store and related marketing activities in order to drive sales that will help support biodiversity research around the world.

The Intern will have the opportunity to use their artistic skills to create real products as well as gain practical experience not only developing marketing campaigns but also implementing those campaigns, allowing the intern to test their strategies in a real-world environment. By the end of the internship, a student will understand the importance of fundraising activities for non-profit organizations. He/she will obtain first-hand experience creating marketing campaigns that communicate the impact of a purchase on an organization’s mission and gain exposure to and develop an appreciation for scientific illustration.

Educational Programs
Dates: September – December, flexible.
Location: Education and Outreach Office, Smithsonian Libraries, National Museum of Natural History (Washington, DC)

This opportunity would be ideal for Masters candidate in good standing in the following fields: Library Science, Education, Museum Education. Though all with applicable experience are welcome

Through this internship, a student will be mentored by the Education Specialist and help identify new educational resources to develop for a k-12 digital audience. Intern may have the opportunity to gain experience contextualizing images, applying common core standards, researching online educational experiences, developing program ideas, and assisting with and attending family programs.

During this opportunity, a student would gain hands-on practical experience in the library and museum education fields and contribute to original educational content for a national source.

Volunteer Opportunity: INALJ needs job post helpers!


Seeking volunteers for the following positions in February:

  1. Canada Content Editors– unpaid volunteers to format jobs for assigned Canadian provinces – 3 days a week, 1 hr each day.  1 calendar year commitment.
  2. Submissions Content Editors– unpaid volunteers to format 30-60 jobs – 2 days a week, 1-1.5 hr each day.  1 calendar year commitment.
  3. Formatting Content Editors– unpaid volunteers to format jobs from 8 assigned websites – 3 days a week, 1 hr each day.  1 calendar year commitment.

EMAIL Volunteer@inalj.com for further information

Internship Opportunities: National Gallery of Art Graduate Summer Internships 2016


Eligibility varies according to internship. A few are geared to undergraduates completing their degrees in May and June 2016, but most are for currently enrolled graduate students of all levels and those graduating in May or June 2016 with a relevant degree (such as MA, MBA, MFA, M Arch, M Ed, JD, or MLS). Please check prerequisites carefully. Applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. This is an international program.


Summer interns will be in residence at the Gallery from June 6 to August 5, 2016. Interns receive a stipend of approximately $4,500 that is subject to all applicable taxes. Interns, using an authorized public transportation method, will receive an employer-provided fare subsidy to apply toward their monthly transit costs.


The intern will be assigned an archival arrangement and description project working with historical files, architectural drawings, media, or digital documents relating to the history of the National Gallery of Art and its landmark buildings. He or she should have knowledge of archival principles and procedures, familiarity with art or architectural history, and an interest in an archival career. Current art history, collections management, or archival studies graduate students and 2016 program graduates are invited to apply.

Library: Rare Photographs Project
The intern will assist with cataloging, inventorying, and digitizing the library’s collection of rare photographs of works of art and architecture. The photographs, both individual and mounted in albums, date from the mid-19th to the early 20th century and represent all areas of Western art. Current graduate students in European or American art history (15th to 20th century) are eligible to apply. Advanced knowledge of at least one European language is highly desirable. Candidates should also have understanding of photographic processes and familiarity with museum registration or archives procedures and methods.

Library: Reproductive Prints Project
The intern will assist with cataloging, inventorying, and digitizing the Library’s collection of reproductive prints of works of art. The prints represent a variety of print techniques and depict works by Old Master artists. Current graduate students in European art history (15th to 20th century) are eligible to apply. Advanced knowledge of French or another European language is desirable. Candidates should also have understanding of printmaking techniques and materials as well as familiarity with museum registration or archival procedures and methods.

More information and application: http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/opportunities/interns-and-fellows/graduate/summer.html.html

Sunday Soliloquies no. 2: A haunting tragedy


Detroit Public Library, Mark Twain Branch, Detroit, Michigan

This image to me, is by far the scariest thing I have seen this Halloween season. The demise of the Detroit Public Library, Mark Twain Branch is not new news. More upsetting images can be found on flickr at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/bpdphotography/sets/72157626713779604/

It closed for renovations in 1996 and unfortunately, never re-opened.

But there’s no blood and gore! No skeletons, no creepy spiders, no boiling cauldrons of smelly goo…. How can I think this is scary? Take a good long look at it. Make it your wallpaper, stare at it, and try not to be terrified. I dare you. From the viewer’s perspective, you might be at the entrance to this large, nearly vacant room. A misplaced couch and two armchairs dwarfed by the enormous windows and fireplace bemoan a solitary torment. There are no books, and no other vestiges of a library. The silence, the loneliness, and the emptiness disturbs. I am getting very uncomfortable.  Are you?

What do you see? What does this image “say” to you?

Internship postings: Ringling Museum of Art

Ringling Museum of Art

Summer Internships 2012


The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida, will be offering five paid internships to be held for ten weeks, from May 21– July 27, 2012. The Ringling is part of Florida State University and serves as the State Art Museum of Florida.  Located on a 66-acre site overlooking Sarasota Bay, it consists of an art museum, circus museum, historic home, theater and research library.  The internships are in the following departments:

  • Collections Management
  • Curatorial (Modern and Contemporary Art)
  • Education
  • Library
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Historic Asolo Theater

Summer internships at the Ringling combine practical, hands-on experience working on a project for a specific department with exposure to all aspects of the museum’s operation.

Interns earn $11.25 per hour (less taxes) and are paid bi-weekly. Interns are responsible for their own housing (the Museum will assist with locating nearby rentals).

Candidates must be graduating seniors or current graduate students. International students must have a current US Visa and be eligible to work in the US.  The positions require fingerprinting.  The Museum encourages students from all backgrounds to apply and is committed to a culturally diverse group.

Application materials can be found on the Museum’s website at http://www.ringling.org/Opportunities

The application deadline is March 23, 2012.


Position: Collections Management Intern

Department: Collections Management

Responsibilities: Work with TMS (the museum’s collections database) updating records for the Asian collection, Cypriot collection, photography collection, circus collection etc.; assist with digitization and other projects as needed

Qualifications: Graduate student with a museum studies, art history, history or library science background

Position: Curatorial Intern (Modern & Contemporary Art)

Department: Curatorial (Modern & Contemporary Art)

Responsibilities: Research the photographers represented in a large donation of 20th-century European and American photographs, for the purpose of proposing temporary exhibitions and permanent collection installations

Qualifications: Masters degree in art history with a concentration in photography; doctoral student preferred

Position: Education Intern

Department: Education

Responsibilities: Participate in the activities of the Education Department; assist with research and development of adult programs and family activities; help to facilitate the museum’s summer youth program; contribute to docent training and evaluations Qualifications: Strong research and communication skills; good working knowledge of art history; K-12 classroom or other experience with children

Position: Library Intern

Department: Library
Responsibilities: Participate in the activities of the Ringling Museum Library; work on the museum object files digitization project, including cataloguing, editing, scanning and entering data into TMS (the museum’s collections database), ContentDM and other internal databases; work on social media applications and collection development

Qualifications: Bachelors degree in art history or related field; current enrollment in an ALA-accredited MLS program with an interest in special and/or research libraries

Position: Marketing Intern

Department: Marketing and Communications

Responsibilities: Capture and post videos/photography of events and happenings around the Ringling Estate; design flyers and other promotional materials as needed

Qualifications: Video, editing and graphic skills; degree in graphic design, film and/or animation preferred

Position: Technical Production Intern

Department: Historic Asolo Theater (HAT)

Responsibilities: Work closely with the Technical Director in pre-load-in preparation, load-in, and technical/dress rehearsals for the summer circus production in the Historic Asolo Theater; work with performers to maintain production integrity and smooth day-to-day operations, including the run of the show

Qualifications: Degree in theater (recently completed); minimum of two years technical theater experience

Note: The circus performances in the HAT are held twice a day, Wednesday thru Sunday, for six weeks (closing July 29).  Each performance lasts approximately one hour.

Book As Sculpture Exhibition at Dodd Research Center

A cool exhibition at the Dodd Research Center highlights works created by students in a first year studio foundation art class.  Here’s the word from the Dodd’s blog:

Given as an assignment to a first year studio foundation art class, students were challenged to consider the function of the book and encouraged to rethink its form as sculptural object. Additionally, the students were inspired by viewing some of the diverse forms of one-of-a- kind and limited edition artists’ books housed at the Dodd Research Center…

Through a series of transformative gestures and repetitive actions such as folding, cutting, scoring, curling, punching, incising and shredding, the function of book as object of information is transformed into structure, sculpture. These repetitive acts, to the point of exaggeration, have created new and startling physical shapes that we take notice of first. For some of the creators, the book’s title helped prompt an action informing us of the book’s potential content.  For others, a singular process took shape without considering the book’s original intention. Irony, wit, poetic reference, and obsessive gesture push the book’s singular recognizable form into a new physical shape. Some of the pages turn, but the text is not the text of legibility. Others offer the viewer a window into the process of alteration.

Book As Sculpture Exhibition
Through April 30, 2011,
Monday-Friday 10-4
Dodd Research Center
John P. McDonald Reading Room
University of Connecticut
405 Babbidge Road, Unit 1205
Storrs, CT 06269-1205

(h/t: Fresh Pickin’s)