Meet your new liaisons!

Thanks to everyone who contacted us about the arlisnap liaison roles. We’re excited to have more contributors joining our group and to keep bringing you relevant and thought-provoking content. We’re still looking for a Discussions Liaison, so if you’re interested in writing and starting conversations on the blog, let us know!

Liaisons are now listed on the sidebar of the blog, beneath the moderator contact information. A permanent link to their position descriptions is also included.

LeslieVegaLeslie Vega, Chapter Liaison
Leslie Vega is a Visual Arts + Music Librarian for the SUNY Binghamton University Libraries. As Chapter Liaison, she’ll keep the ArLiSNAP blog updated with chapter news and events, including mentoring or scholarship opportunities, chapter meetings, and local conferences. You can reach her at lvega[at]binghamton[dot]edu.

Eden Orelove, DC-MD-VA Liaison
Eden is a member of the DC-MD-VA Chapter of ARLIS/NA and is serving on the program committee for the 2014 annual conference in Washington, DC. Keep an eye on her posts for DC-MD-VA news and events, especially as the conference draws nearer! Contact her via email at edeno[at]gwmail[dot]gwu[dot]edu.

Erik Sommer, Educational Opportunities Liaison
As Educational Opportunities liaison, Erik will keep us updated with information on lectures, scholarship opportunities, webinars, workshops, internships or post-grad opportunities, and other educational activities of interest to arlisnappers. As a reminder, you can keep apprised of these events through the Educational Opportunities Calendar. Erik can be reached at erikjsommer[at]gmail[dot]com.

ZingarelliArlisPhotoAnna-Sophia Zingarelli, Student Group Liaison
Anna-Sophia earned an MA in History of Art and Architecture from the NYU Institute of Fine Arts, and will be starting her MLIS program in a few short weeks at the University of Pittsburgh, along with an internship at the Frick Fine Arts Library. Anna-Sophia will serve as primary contact for student groups (or students interested in art librarianship), with the goal of creating a stronger connections between these organizations and ArLiSNAP and ARLIS/NA. She’ll report on opportunities and events at different organizations (particularly those schools with dual-degree programs) and foster discussions on topics relevant to our readers (hot topics in the field, new technologies, etc.). You can follow her on twitter @aszingarelli or contact by email at a.s.zingarelli[at]gmail[dot]com.

JoanSinghPicJoan Jocson, Job Postings Liaison
Joan is currently an Acquisitions Librarian at Columbia University, and working on her second master’s in Anthropology. She’ll join Alissa Hafele to keep arlisnap readers up-to-date on all of the arts- and art-museum related job opportunities for students and new professionals. Follow her blog at or contact her at jm.jocson213[at]gmail[dot]com.

Call for ArLiSNAP Liaisons!

Would you like to get involved in ArLiSNAP? We are currently seeking ArLiSNAP Liaisons for the following positions:

Job Postings Liaison

Help the ArLiSNAP community by posting relevant job announcements. A quick and easy way to contribute to the blog and support your fellow members.

Discussion Liaison

Spark a conversation by contributing posts on topics relevant to the field of art librarianship. Potential topics can include art & design, copyright, education, current LIS issues, and more.

Student Group Liaison

Reach out to library student groups, and report on new developments, interesting projects, and recent achievements.

Chapter Liaison

Reach out to ARLIS/NA local chapters, and report on chapter news, events, and opportunities of interest to ArLiSNAP members.

Becoming a liaison is a great way to network and show your involvement in the art libraries community. If you would like to join our team, post a comment below, or email either of the coordinators, Ellen (ellen.j.tisdale at gmail dot com) or Stephanie (sgrimm at uscb dot edu).

Onward/upward–one co-coordinator leaves, another steps up

As the time of the ARLIS/NA 2012 Conference in Toronto nears, that means (of course) that the time for a change of leadership in ArLiSNAP has arrived. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to help with this group over the past two years. I’m excited to remain a member, contribute my voice, and help ArLiSNAP work even harder for the people it represents.

The past year has seen ArLiSNAP made some important progress, though not all of it might have been immediately visible. At this time, we are currently waiting final approval from the president of ARLIS/NA to complete ArLiSNAP’s transition from Special Interest Group to official Section. This status will afford our membership a greater voice within the ARLIS/NA organization and further legitimize the importance of issues pertinent to students and young professionals within the community. 2009-2011 Co-Coordinator Bryan Loar was invaluable throughout this process, acting as liaison with ARLIS and shepherding our petition through lots of red tape. Our thanks to him for his continued dedication. In a similar vein, the ArLiSNAP website will soon be a part of the official ARLIS website. TEI and Chris Roper are currently working on this transfer of information now. Both of these measures will help magnify our group’s purpose a great deal.

Many discussions about how members can become more actively involved with ArLiSNAP also took place in the past year. A number of volunteer positions are in development. The coordinators of this group feel the most direct path to continued and increased success of ArLiSNAP lies in finding ways to reach out to more student organizations and regional ARLIS chapters, presenting more educational information and opportunities for students and young professionals, and connecting our members to the greater infrastructure of ARLIS. Opportunities for different liaison positions will be discussed at the ArLiSNAP meeting on Friday, March 30th at 4 p.m. Please make sure to be there so your voice can be heard.

With any transition, there are logistics to be minded. Statements of interest for the new co-moderator position are now being accepted. Submissions should be brief (a few sentences) and state some personal background info (school, work, passions) along with a bit of what you would bring to ArLiSNAP as a leader (ideas!). All those interested can simply post a comment on this blog entry! Comments on that entry will be open until midnight on Friday, April 6th. A poll will be created on April 7th and voting will be open for one week. The candidate with the most votes on April 13th will be named co-moderator for 2012-2014.

I very much wish that I could attend the conference this year but I know that Suzanne will do an excellent job leading the meeting. I really ask that you all be vocal, be creative, and don’t be afraid to take on new responsibilities (even though I know we’re all overworked and underpaid). The fuel of this group is volunteerism and foresight. I think that individually, we can all make a big difference for the entire group. Though I will no longer be coordinator, I will still contribute to this blog and to the development of ArLiSNAP’s future.

I hope to keep learning from all of you.

My thanks to everyone.

Rosemary K. J. Davis, MSLIS
ArLiSNAP Co-Coordinator, 2010-2012
Member-at-Large, ARLIS Communications and Publications Committee, 2012-2014

ArLiSNAP–a proposal for change

ArLiSNAP needs to change.

While the organization’s current information stream about job postings and helpful hints is functional and useful, there is also a lot more we can be doing as an ARLIS significant interest group. In the past two years that I’ve served as a co-coordinator, we have received almost one hundred new ARLIS members who are interested in the group. This is a tremendous number.

And I think we all deserve to make our group more…activated and more representative of our education, backgrounds, locales, and personal histories. Young professionals and students are the very definition of the avant-garde–we are the next wave of understanding, implementation, discussion, and innovation for information professionals in the art library, museum, and academic spheres.

We are all busy. We are all probably all tired. But communities like ours function best with the input of a chorus. To that end, I feel we should not have just two coordinators, but a team of dedicated, focused individuals providing viewpoints, information, resources, and opportunities that address the fuller professional and academic spectrum represented by our membership.

Normally at this time of year, we request for candidates to step up and take on a two-year term of co-coordinatorship. I propose that instead, this year, we not only elect a new co-coordinator, but also establish positions like the following:

  • a student liaison that interacts with representatives from different student library groups across the US and Canada, then reporting important resolutions, accomplishments, and developments
  • a professional liaison that interacts with representatives from different regional ARLIS factions to highlight how students and young professionals can become involved on a more local level
  • an opportunities coordinator that focuses on pushing job postings, educational information (webinars, symposia, etc.) to our different venues on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the blog
  • a small team of dedicated “issues” bloggers that contribute original content to our blog in the form of topical analysis relevant to the field of art librarianship
  • an advisory council comprised of former coordinators and interested professionals/scholars that can mentor the group’s leadership and contribute their voices to discussions

These are but a few suggestions–nothing is decided and nor will it be without an open discussion with the group’s members. I feel that while we have made significant progress in the past year in terms of membership numbers and blog traffic, there are still gaps that I couldn’t bridge as coordinator. The lives of students and young professionals are often overwhelmingly full. I found myself frequently frustrated by the lack of time I had to devote to creating more dynamic content for our group. It seems to me that having a stronger community of producers all devoted to a common cause will ease the burden of the coordinators by diffusing the workload. More importantly though, a diversity of voices can only increase the vitality of discussion amongst our members.

Now, more than ever, we need to ask questions and look to each other for help. We need to take advantage of our strengths, our experiences, and our intelligence in order to make the important issues of our membership impossible to ignore.

Let’s start a conversation. Let’s talk about what we want ArLiSNAP to do for us as a community. Let’s talk about the future.

I hope you will all chime in with opinions and suggestions. I look forward to moving forward.

Rosemary K. J. Davis
Co-Coordinator, 2010-2012 

Deadline Extended: Be a part of the ArLiSNAP Focus Group!

ArLiSNAPPERS: We need your voice!

The Strategic Planning Committee is specifically targeting ArLiSNAP to provide feedback that will impact the future of the society! Please consider taking part in a one hour ArLiSNAP Focus Group conference call the week of April 18-22.

To sign up, please complete this Doodle indicating your availability:

From your ARLISNAP colleagues and Strategic Planning Committee members,

Jamie Lausch
Jennifer Garland


A note from the ArLiSNAP coordinators:

Everyone, please take this opportunity to become a part of this focus group. This type of engagement is exactly the kind of thing students and young professionals need to become an important part of the community. The Strategic Planning Committee is working hard to give our group a forum for discussions and suggestions that can help shape the future of ARLIS for the better.

Help make sure that ARLIS/NA is representing us.