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Rise and Shine!

Heading to Indianapolis for the ARLIS/NA conference?

Grab a triple espresso and head to the ArLiSNAP meeting on Saturday morning at 7am!  We know it’s early, but we also know you’ve got energy to spare.  So, bring your thoughts and ideas about what you’d like ArLiSNAP to accomplish in the coming year.

We’ll be mixing and mingling, brain-storming, and seeking volunteers.  So, whether you’re a new professional, a student, or neither, we hope to see you there!

Aggregating Conference News


In an attempt to aggregate more than just the conference news coming out of ARLIS/NA, I’ve created a widget that pulls RSS information from Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Google Alerts, Delicious, Twitter, as well as the conference’s blog.  Of course, there is also a link to the official conference site.

The aggregation is based on the protocol for previous years’ metadata tag.  This year’s being “arlisna09.”

Please see my post demonstrating the widget located here – http://tinyurl.com/dedfz5

I’ve also set up a couple of groups.  We now have Flickr and YouTube groups for this year’s conference.  Please feel free to join and post.

Looking for a budding graphic designer

One of the things we’ve agreed to produce for this year’s annual conference is a printed version of our wiki content.  These will be distributed at the information/ registration desk and at the orientation for first-time attendees.   We could use some help formatting the info for the printed page, especially from someone with a good eye for design.

If you are interested, leave a comment below.  Responders will garner eternal gratitude and goodwill!


2009 ARLIS/NA Conference “Stimulus Package”

Students, and those on a budget, be sure to take advantage of this extended offer on early bird registration, as well as half price tours & workshops!


#1. Early Registration date is extended to April 1st.

(anyone who has registered since March 15th and has paid the late fee will be credited the $100 in the same manner in which it was paid.)

Conference Registration info is at http://www.indiana.edu/~indycon/registra=tion.html or contact Sue Rawlyk arlisna@mcphersonclarke.com

#2. If you are already registered for a Full or Half-day tour or workshop, (or register for one now), you can get a second Half-day or Two-hour workshop or tour for HALF PRICE. ($25.00 for half day workshop or tour, $12.50 for 2-hour workshop or tour)

Workshops still open:

  • Mashups (2-hour, Thursday Afternoon and Tuesday Morning);
  • Image Resource Decision Trees (Half-day, Friday Morning); Cataloging
  • Artists Books
Tours still open:
  • High and Hot Technology (Thursday Afternoon),
  • Kokomo Opalescent Glass (Friday Morning),
  • Auto Design/Speedway (Friday Afternoon),
  • Dec.Arts at Indiana State Museum (Friday Afternoon), and
  • Historic Theaters in Indy (Friday Afternoon)

There are still a few spots available on the all-day Bloomington Tours (Friday and Tuesday) and the Tuesday all-day Columbus Tour.

The all-day Letterpress workshop in Bloomington is full.

The Resume workshop on Friday (free) has a few spots available.

The Mentoring workshop (free) has all the Mentees it can handle, but would welcome more mentors.

To take advantage of the tour/workshop stimulus offer, please contact Sue Rawlyk directly at arlisna@mcphersonclarke.com

Eileen Fry and Tony White
2009 ARLIS/NA Conference Program Co-Chairs

Volunteer in Indy at the Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk!

Have some knowledge of Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis and social bookmarking? Then the Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk wants YOU! We are looking for volunteers to share their knowledge with other ARLIS/NA Conference attendees. The Kiosk is an informal setting to ask questions about various new technologies; start a dialogue on how libraries are using them and have hands-on time with the resources. Volunteer staffers help their colleagues to question, learn, and explore what’s going on in the world of social software and how art libraries of every type can take advantage of these tools.

Benefits of volunteering:

· Sharing your knowledge with others and adding to the art librarianship dialogue

· Expanding your network of ARLIS/NA members

· Gaining instruction experience in an informal setting

Interested in volunteering? Visit the Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk wiki to view the time slots needed, at: http://artlibrarytech.pbwiki.com/Staffing+Schedule To volunteer contact Rebecca Cooper at rebeccacooper@gmail.com or Kristen Mastel at klmastel@hotmail.com with your preferred date/timeslot.

The Web 2.0 Tech Kiosk was developed as a way of introducing art information professionals to the tools and uses of Web 2.0 technology.  At the 2008 Annual Conference of ARLIS/NA, the Tech Kiosk  invited attendees to get hands-on instruction in setting up a blog, posting to a flickr account, subscribing to RSS feeds, creating a wiki, and more.  The goal of the kiosk was to provide a one-on-one learning experience, in which visitors could discover free tricks and tools and walk away with some hands-on experience and knowledge of how the world of art information is changing.  What we found was that one-on-one became many-to-many, and before long visitors were all asking questions that led to other questions and inspired new ideas for other kiosk visitors.  While the tech staff provided most of the answers, it was the questions that prompted the real learning, on both sides of the table!

Surviving the Annual Conference

Efforts are afoot to create an ARLIS/NA Annual Conference Survival Wiki, and we’d like your input to get things started!  The wiki is intended to complement the conference website and blog by providing a more generalized guide to the happenings of the Annual conference.  Whereas the website and blog contain information particular to each individual conference and locale, the wiki is intended to provide valuable tips on what to expect… and to fill in information that first time attendees might not know.

With that in mind, what are some topics/categories that you think a wiki of this kind should cover?  Here are some thoughts to get things rolling:

  • Which meetings are open/which are invite-only
  • Dress “code” (both general, and for special events)
  • Money-saving tips

… What else?

Tracy and I will take your suggestions into account and create the basic structure for the wiki, and will then open it up for contributions from everyone… we’re sure that there are some experts out there that can really help to make it a useful resource!