Student Committee Award 2007, DC Area

Student Committee Award 2007

ARLIS DC/MD/VA is the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia chapter of The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) The Society is a professional organization for art librarians, architecture librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, and others interested in visual arts information.

The ARLIS-DC/MD/VA Award was established in 2002 to provide funding for a library school student in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conference. This year’s conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 26-30, 2007. More information is available at the conference website:

New Voices 2: ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Atlanta 2007

New Voices 2: Atlanta 2007
Organizer/Moderator: Sarah Falls

New Voices 2 showcases exceptional academic work by students and new professionals (under 5 years post MLS), including the Gerd Muesham award winning paper. For some of our participants, this may be a first-time opportunity to present their work at a professional conference. Veteran ARLIS members will have exposure to the sorts of issues that are being examined in library programs. This year, we have a range of topics, covering art and visual resources librarianship, new technologies that affect both and how these technologies can be utilized to direct ARLIS-NA as an organization, into the future.

1. Bryan Loar
MLIS, 2006
Kent State University
New Forms of Communication: Harnessing Collective Knowledge Through Web Logs

2. John Bowman
MLIS, 2006
University of British Columbia
Communities of Practice in the Visual Disciplines and on the Web 2.0

3. Claudia Dold and James Ascher
MLS Candidates
University of South Florida
Unlocking the stories of serendipitous cultural object collections with digital libraries

4. Claire Dannenbaum
MLIS, 2006
University of British Columbia
Working title: Integrating visual resources into library catalogues

5. Gerd Muesham Award winner

Hot Topics Session in Atlanta, 2007

The proposal for a “Hot Topics” session at the Atlanta conference has been accepted!

The session, which came out of discussion between members of the Student Affairs Discussion Group and the Academic Division, is intended to provide a forum for open discussion on pressing and up-to-date issues in art librarianship. At the top of the list is the topic of emerging technologies–what they are, and how people are using them.

While this session will largely be guided by the participants, planning over the next several months will help to shape the topics for discussion and some aspects of the format. I hope to be able to share some specific ways in which people can get involved in the near future…!

Backpack to Briefcase: Preparing for Life after Library School

Please join us at the ARLIS/NA 35th Annual Conference, April 26 – 30, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia.

This AskARLIS session is a forum for the exchange of candid observations and collective wisdom between young and experienced librarians. Speakers will address topics relevant to both students and new professionals, such as discovering the hidden job market, translating theory to professional practice, professional development, and promotion and tenure. The Society’s seasoned professionals will have the opportunity to offer advice to the younger generation as well as gain insight into the concerns of new professionals.

Please share below the topics, questions or concerns that you’d like us to address at this session. (If you have more immediate concerns, please post them to the blog.)


  • Alessia Zanin-Yost will speak on preparing for the profession.
  • Heather Ball will speak on theory vs. practice.
  • Kristen Meyer will speak on the hidden job market.
  • Leslie Kott Wakeford will speak on professional development.
  • Tony White will speak on promotion and tenure.


  • Sarah Carter

Organized by Sarah Carter and Megan Macken with the assistance of Kristen Meyer, Marilyn Ramen, and Alessia Zanin-Yost.