New Pedagogies in Higher Education

Dear Colleagues Looking ahead to Denver, Sarah Carter and I are putting together a session on “New Pedagogies in Higher Education”. We want the session to explore new ways of teaching students, be it online tutorials, virtual library tours, etc. Who would like to share their teaching experiences with us?  Do you know of a […]

Bryan Loar to edit "What Our Members Are Saying"

Bryan Loar, our blog administrator here at ArLiSNAP, has been named the new editor of AWS’ “What Our Members Are Saying”! From the ListServ announcement: For those of you not familiar with “What Our Members Are Saying”, it is a bi-monthly chronicle of ARLIS/NA members’ testimonials on what they value about our Society. We hope […]

notes on some conferences/meetings attended: Atlanta

  notes made on workshops, sessions, and meetings: Art Librarians of North America annual conference, Atlanta GA Apr. 26-30, 2007   notes by: Tom Hartmann, Librarian, Harrington College of Design, Chicago, IL. These are notes garnered from notes taken at the above-noted conference. They are sometimes detailed, somtimes very light in detail. I’ve noted conference […]

Denver '08 Proposal: Next Gen OPACs

Do others think that next-gen OPACs are interesting enough to merit their own session? Should it be incorporated into the Round Robin format, or should we propose a seperate session? We could focus on reviews of projects which incorporate Web2.0 technologies and mashups into the OPAC environment, with a specific focus on art information and […]

Summary of Backpack to Briefcase: Life after Library School

Backpack to Briefcase: Life after Library School. Sarah Carter Moderator Introduced the session saying this session was born from the conference last year at Banff, and envisioned something that would help students, and new professionals jumpstart their role in ARLIS.

Atlanta Conference – Thank You and Evaluations

A heartfelt thank you to the entire conference planning team for the wonderful Atlanta experience in 2007! From the hotel to the cultural attractions to the sessions – what an impressive conference! As we plan for Denver in ’08, all attendees should take a few minutes to evaluate the conference here (deadline is Monday, May […]

Proposals for Denver '08 – Instructional Round Robin

Okay, first, I’ll be pitching New Voices again. It’s wildly popular and has a permanent place–which I’m trying to solidify through the professional development committee. Second, I’m going to pitch a large instructional rotating mega-session. Now, how to do this for an organization that is so stuck on old structures of “sessions” and “workshops.” I’m […]

Sessions for Denver conference in '08

Now that folks are returning from Atlanta, it’s time to continue discussion what we’d like to try to put together or be involved in for next year. Some of the ideas brought up at our meeting were: Next-Gen OPACS session “wisdom of crowds” session continuing the New Voices session supporting the Resume Review workshop (or […]