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Katelyn Angell Questions the Need for Second Masters

An interesting opinion article is in this month’s American Libraries.

Typically, employers expect potential hires to hold both an MLIS and an additional subject-specific master’s or PhD. Upon learning this daunting fact, two pressing questions immediately formed in my mind: How can people on a librarian’s salary afford to earn multiple graduate degrees, and why disregard strong undergraduate credentials or field experience?

American Libraries(CB). American Libraries (Volume 40, Issue 5,  May 2009).
Chicago, IL, USA: American Libraries, 2009. p 39.
Copyright � 2009.  American Libraries.  All rights reserved.

While I’m sympathetic of Angell’s concerns (I have a similar experience), I also understand the need for having a very strong foundation when working in art libraries.

ALA Poster Session Application Deadline – January 31st

Proposals for the 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA are due on January 31st.

Poster sessions may present any of the following:

  • a description of an innovative library program
  • an analysis of a practical problem-solving effort
  • a report of a research study

Click here for much more information, including samples and abstracts of previous poster sessions.

Getting Involved and Conference Attendance for "Newbies"

The ACRL Blog has a piece about new members attending ALA’s Midwinter conference by Josh Petrusa titled “Attempt at Midwinter.”

In youthful naiveté, I assumed being a new member of the profession (and ALA) that I would just go to Midwinter, attend some stuff, get involved, etc.

There’s been some really good feedback in the Comments about whether section meetings are open to non-members, attending as many discussion groups as you want, and interacting with vendors.

See previous comments on ArLiSNAP about volunteering for ARLIS/NA committees, volunteering for Chapter committees, and volunteering at the conference registration desk.  If you have additional ideas, please add a comment below!

Eye to I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy

The ACRL Arts Section and Instruction Section invite you to visit the
Virtual Poster Sessions being offered in connection with their joint
program at ALA 2007 in Washington, D.C. The conference program, titled
“Eye to I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy,” will explore the
relationship between these two sets of abilities. The poster sessions
and more information about the conference program can be found at:

The poster sessions offer practical approaches to teaching information
literacy and visual literacy, new ideas for integrating multiple
literacy skills into your instruction, and tips for collaborations that
connect information literacy, visual literacy, and student learning.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to submit comments in order to
engage in a dialogue with the presenters virtually.

We look forward to seeing you at the IS/AS conference program on Sunday,
June 24, 2007, 1:30-3:30pm, Renaissance Hotel, Grand Ballroom South.

Meghan Sitar
Instruction and Outreach Librarian
Library Instruction Services
University of Texas Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin

Booth Volunteers needed for Resume Review Service at ALA

*Please excuse cross-posting.


The 2007 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. is coming very soon! NMRT Resume Review Service needs you! Please consider volunteering to greet participants.

Consult the current ALA 2007 Annual Conference Volunteer Booth Schedule [] for available time slots.

Sign-up early and reserve your preferred time slots. The location of the booth will be in Hall E of the Convention Center in downtown Washington, D.C.

Once you’ve consulted the schedule and picked a preferred time to greet people, please e-mail Maureen Cropper at

See the RRS wiki at for more information and email me at if you have any questions.

Kristina Keogh
NMRT Resume Review Committee

Reference Librarian for the Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Going to ALA's Annual Conference? We'd Like to Talk to You :)

In preparing for a next-gen OPAC proposal, Megan Macken & myself are looking for resources to tap.

If you’re going to this year’s annual ALA conference in Washington, DC, we’d like you to check out any sessions that would shed some more light on next-gen OPACs & their users. There is one program in particular that would be of interest –

1. Saturday (June 23rd), 1:30-2:30

Transforming Your Library, and Your Library’s Future, with Technology
Track: Transformation & Innovations
Technology can transform your library and its services, as it is transforming the lives of your patrons. From do-it-now technology improvements to next-generation implementations, from software to SOPACs, from in-your-face competition to over-the-horizon transformations, three accomplished experts will instruct, enlighten and challenge you to use technology to make your library more relevant to your patrons — today and tomorrow.
Speakers: Alan Kirk Gray, co-Chair, Darien (CT) Library; John Blyberg, co-Chair, Ann Arbor District Library, MI; Lori Ayre, The Galecia Group; Casey Bisson, Plymouth State University, NY; Roy Tennant, California Digital Library

Also, the Digital Information & Technologies track seems very next-gen oriented.

There are also sessions like “Building the Next Generation Public Library Web Site with Drupal” that do not fall under the afore mentioned track but seem possibly pertinent.

Finally, I’m willing to throw in a little incentive. Last year’s ALA conference was in New Orleans. I attended & shot quite a few pictures. I’ll print, frame, & send you a digital print of the Piazza D’Italia.

Please e-mail Bryan Loar at webmaster [at], if you are interested.

Thanks :-)

Jim Rettig elected ALA President

From the ALA website (complete article here):

CHICAGO – James Rettig, university librarian at the University of Richmond (Va.), has been elected president of the American Library Association (ALA) for the 2008-2009 term, defeating Nancy Davenport, president, Nancy Davenport and Associates.

As ALA president, Rettig will be the chief elected officer for the oldest and largest library organization in the world. The ALA has a membership of more than 64,000 librarians, library trustees and library supporters. Its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information.

Rettig will become president-elect in July 2007, and will assume the ALA presidency in July 2008, following the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif. He will serve a one-year term as president and a one-year term as Immediate Past President.

continue reading the article on the ALA website…

ALA Conference and Career Mentoring

Are you going to the ALA conference in D.C. this year?  If so, there are 4 more days to sign up for the Conference Mentoring program.  Applications received after May 6th “will be accepted with the understanding that mentor/mentee matches will be made based on the availability of a mentor or mentee.”

If you can’t make it to our nation’s capital during the week of June 21st – 27th, don’t fret!  Check out ALA’s Career Mentoring, which is “a year-round program to connect a newer librarian with a seasoned librarian for a mentoring relationship relating to career development in librarianship.”

These programs are both sponsored by the New Member’s Round Table (NMRT), which is a natural starting place for students and newly-minted professionals!