LOC Preservation – 21st Century-Style

Gamasutra reports that the Library of Congress is funding an initiative – Preserving Creative America – to preserve creative media, including movies, digital photography, and video games. The blog further states According to a statement announcing the program, many of the included projects will involve “developing standardized approaches to content formats and metadata (the information […]

Art and Second Life: Social and Experiental Opportunities

Check out Nina Simon’s post, Jumping Into Art in Second Life, at Museum 2.0.  The following statement sums up her point: So much energy is put into recreating physical spaces and their real-world limitations rather than experimenting with ways that virtual worlds create opportunity to do things that are impossible in real museums. These opportunities […]

Summer seminars

Summer Seminars Available in Oxford, Prague and Ljubljana If you would like to learn first-hand about libraries and library services in a different culture and gain a global perspective on issues facing libraries around the world, you will want to consider enrolling in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and […]