Library Gallery in Second Life

During the past several months I’ve been peripherally involved with the (Illinois) Alliance Library System’s project in Second Life, which has led to the creation of the Info Island archipelago. Some of us have formed an informal group of arts/media librarians in SL. We have about 30 members now, from the US, Canada, UK, and […]

The Sistine Chapel Reaches Second Life

Steven J. Taylor, director of academic computing at Vassar College, has recreated the interior of the Sistine Chapel in the virtual world Second Life. On the college’s Second Life island, visitors can step inside a pale-yellow building and view a replica of the frescoes that adorn the 15th-century chapel in Vatican City. They can even […]

Call for Papers: VRA Bulletin Special Issue

Dear VRA Members: I will be guest editing a special issue of the VRA Bulletin in Spring 2008 on “Digital Collaborations.” I am intentionally making this an open call for abstracts for paper proposals to get as wide a range of articles on as many different topics as possible, both within the arts and humanities […]

Second Life, Museums, and Archaeological Modeling

Richard Urban blogs at Inherent Vice on his collaborative poster session, “Second Life, Museums, and Archaeological Modeling” for the Digital Humanities Conference. The researchers have identified the trend of user-created cultural institutions, rather than institution-created cultural sites.  Plus, “serious leisure” and Oldenburg’s “third spaces” – what an amazing opportunity to create new spaces for cultural […]

Hello from Arlis/ANZ

Hi ArliSNAP and Sara – who left a kind comment on my new blog, which I’m using to communicate with the Australian and New Zealand Arlis group. Arlis/ANZ is only just beginning to use this technology to help our membership communicate and interact – spread as we are over two countries and many thousands of […]

Proposals for Denver '08 – Instructional Round Robin

Okay, first, I’ll be pitching New Voices again. It’s wildly popular and has a permanent place–which I’m trying to solidify through the professional development committee. Second, I’m going to pitch a large instructional rotating mega-session. Now, how to do this for an organization that is so stuck on old structures of “sessions” and “workshops.” I’m […]