Sustainability in the Art Library

It would be interesting to see university dorms, libraries, etc. use energy usage displays. This one is a prototype that received honorable mention for Core77’s Greener Gadget Contest. It has a really beautiful design – imho. There are others out on the market now. Here’s a list.

Student-designed ARLIS/ANZ Website Prototype Chosen

Since September of this year, the ARLIS/ANZ President’s blog detailed the exciting process of choosing a new website designed by Communication Design students at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. In September President Ellen Thompson reported that students were, “looking at ways to incorporate blogging, wiki and forum technology into the Arlis/ANZ site […]


Carnegie Mellon has developed a sophisticated software program that turns a flat photograph into a 3-D explorable environment. I wonder what the applications would be for architectural renderings, studies of spaces depicted by artists (Van Gogh), etc. It would also be interesting to know whether a computer program could “understand” the space in a Van […]

Art and Second Life: Social and Experiental Opportunities

Check out Nina Simon’s post, Jumping Into Art in Second Life, at Museum 2.0.  The following statement sums up her point: So much energy is put into recreating physical spaces and their real-world limitations rather than experimenting with ways that virtual worlds create opportunity to do things that are impossible in real museums. These opportunities […]