Call for Papers: Artists’ Records in the Archives symposium

Artists’ Records in the Archives: A One Day Symposium – Call for Participation The archives of many institutions contain artists’ records—documents created by artists that often bear witness to the creative process, as evinced by sketches, doodles, and other notations. Artists’ records differ from other types of records due to their inherent connection to the […]

Online workshop – Institutional Copyright Policies

Via ACRL College Libraries listserv. Note that this course is being taught by the legal counsel for RISD, so expect some discussion of copyright policy as it pertains to artwork and art-centric institutions. It is offered by the Center for Intellectual Property and can be taken as a stand-alone course or towards CIP certification. ***** […]

“Orwellian” Kindle Deletions: Legitimate Copyright Kerfuffle, Giant Yawn, or Teachable Moment?

Last week, Amazon remotely deleted copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm from users’ Kindles.  As it turns out, the ebook publisher selling the editions didn’t actually own the rights for these works.  As one could imagine, the blogospheric reaction to this event has been a mixture of smirking irony, outrage, confusion, and lots […]

Copyright suit over Shepard Fairey’s Obama image

Another recent NYTimes article of interest: Artist Sues The A.P. Over Obama Image “In a pre-emptive strike, the street artist Shepard Fairey filed a lawsuit on Monday against The Associated Press, asking a federal judge to declare that he is protected from copyright infringement claims in his use of a news photograph as the basis […]

LOC's Section 108 Study Group Copyright Report Released

“After nearly three years of intensive work, the independent Section 108 Study Group has issued its report and recommendations on exceptions to copyright law to address how libraries, archives and museums deal with copyrighted materials in fulfilling their missions in the digital environment.” The full report & the executive study are available @


“Nailing Down Bits: Digital Art and Intellectual Property” is the latestaddition to the Canadian Heritage Information Network’s (CHIN) IntellectualProperty Series. Authored by Richard Rinehart, Digital Media Director atthe Berkeley Art Museum, this unique publication breaks new ground byexploring the legal issues surrounding the emerging field of digital art inNorth America. CHIN offers open access to […]

Dark Days of DRM?

A recent article in Wired (“Public Libraries, Private DRM” – go here) talks briefly about the OverDrive Media Console and its lack of multi-platform support (e.g. iPods).  It will be interesting to see the effects of Digital Rights Management (DRM) within art libraries.  Libraries who subscribe to ARTstor are quite familiar with the limitations of ARTstor’s proprietary image […]