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New on the Job: Rookie Flubs

SEPTEMBER 18, 2006

By Paula Lehman
The first year brings high expectations which can quickly deflate if you make some of these beginner’s mistakes
Few times in a young person’s life are as stressful as the first year out of college. If all goes well, you land a dream job in your chosen profession. But now everything hangs in the balance. Do well in your rookie job and it could put your career into overdrive. Your employer may shower you with promotions, pay raises, and increased responsibility, and you’ll be able to leapfrog ahead of the competition in your next position. Do poorly, and you may be sent down to the minors.

The good news: Barring any serious infractions, relatively few people get completely sidetracked in their first year on the job, as most employers allow for a learning curve. The bad news is the reputation you make for yourself will be yours for a good long time—the corporate equivalent of your permanent academic record—coloring the way people see you for many years.

Rookie mistakes are hard to avoid, but easy to learn from. Here’s some advice to keep you sailing straight.


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