Strategies for First-Time Conference Presenters

The Chronicle of Higher Education has been running a series called “Conference Rules” recently. Part one was for moderators, and part two addresses panel speakers. First-timers and veterans alike will be interested in Linda Kerber’s article. Are you nervous? Good. You should be. Anxiety means you are taking the enterprise seriously and your adrenalin is […]

10 Questions to ask your new employees…

There’s a great post on Library Garden that lists 10 questions that managers should ask new hires.  I love the spirit of this post, because it suggests that managers should be open to the fresh perspective of a new employee, and should take his/her observations as an opportunity for improvement.  I imagine that if my […]

ARLIS/NA Denver Conference Mentor Program

As you register for the upcoming conference, please take a moment to consider participating in the ARLIS/NA Denver Conference Mentor Program! The Mentor Program registration form is now active and can be found at: Whether you are a seasoned ARLIS/NA conference veteran or a first (or second) timer, you have the opportunity to participate […]


Are you interested in a career in art and design librarianship? ARLIS/UK & Ireland are taking bookings for the following event: TAKING THE PLUNGE 2008 : ART LIBRARIANSHIP AS A CAREER OPTION  ARLIS/UK & Ireland Students and Trainees Event Who:  Students, trainees, library assistants and anyone interested in a career in art librarianship. When:  Saturday […]

RSS Feedss of Saved Searches at

Rachel at the Liminal Librarian writes, I’m pleased to announce improvements to the combined library jobs database at Job Postings on the Internet. For job seekers: You can now save searches as RSS feeds! Only interested in jobs in Illinois, reference positions, or those that mention Web 2.0? Do a search and click “Save […]

Getting Involved and Conference Attendance for "Newbies"

The ACRL Blog has a piece about new members attending ALA’s Midwinter conference by Josh Petrusa titled “Attempt at Midwinter.” In youthful naiveté, I assumed being a new member of the profession (and ALA) that I would just go to Midwinter, attend some stuff, get involved, etc. There’s been some really good feedback in the […]

Highlights from College and Research News

From Volume 68, Number 10: Pearls of wisdom from Deborah Lee’s “On the Tenure Track: Strategies for Success” Get documentation about your institution’s tenure process Talk to people who have recently gone through tenure in your library Get a mentor Make a plan and visualize your successful portfolio Keep supporting documentation throughout your career Overview […]

ARLIS/NA Reviews: Call for Reviewers

For the next “column” of ARLIS NA Reviews [], I am seeking ARLIS NA members to review the titles that appear at the end of this email. The deadline for submission of a 450-word review is Friday, December 21. The title will be mailed to you, with instructions for completing your review. If you are […]

Recent MLS Graduate Chronicles Academic Librarian Job Search

ArLiSNAPers may be interested in following Maura Smale’s articles at the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Chronicle Careers.  She is writing a series of articles this year about her search for a tenure-track academic library position.  Her first article, Gearing Up for My Third Career, provides thoughtful documentation of how she decided to pursue an MLS […]