Update: To Do

You might have noticed that the blog’s been a bit quiet recently. Sara Carter has submitted the request for ARLIS funding, but if we are granted funding, we won’t receive it until next year. In the mean time, the most practical plan of action seems to be to convert our committee blog to the real thing (or create a new one just like it—opinions?). There are a few things left to do before we can go live. If you can help with any of these, please indicate your interest on the blog and note the deadline below.

#1 Provide some input about the welcome page—do we want/need a welcome page? Suggestions for text?

#2 How to use a blog—judging by some of the comments we’ve received, we need a simple “intro to blogging” page. This can be adapted from the many other how to blog resources out there.

#3 I’m planning to clean up the design a little bit. If you have design suggestions or any other comments, let me know. These will just be minor changes. The most important one at this point is to increase the body text size and to format the headers in a more beautiful way…

#4 (ongoing): Add your links — LIS programs, opportunities, anything related to Art Librarianship/Visual Resources/etc, etc — to the Blogroll and assign them categories. These links show up on the Resources page. You have to be logged in as an administrator to do this. (If you need help with this, email me or Bryan bryan@theloars.com )

We are aiming to go live September 15 and to send the link out to library schools across the country at that point.


Hello all,

I just created a page that is linked thought the Aboutness pane (you can also reach it by clicking on this http://abcs.wordpress.com/aboutness).  Let me know what you think.

Some things that I wrestled with were…

  1. OVERTLY threatening.  The way I have it means that posts/comments that would be considered slightly threatening are allowed.  [I did this because I’m not really sure where to draw the line of “really upset” to “threatening”]
  2. Terms are subjective.  What is or is not threatening.  The law says what’s obscene, but it does so in non-specific ways.  Somebody might think the s-word is obscene while others have no problem with the more graphic photographs of Mapplethorpe.
  3. Should Author be defined.

-Bryan Loar

Administrator Authority

I think we should discuss and lay some ground rules down in regards to admin authority/involvement.  We should be very upfront to participants how, if any, moderation takes place on the blog.

  • We should indicate whether or not we would ever edit a post
  • We should indicate proper etiquette and repercussions for improper use
  • We should indicate rights and responsibilities of authors & administrator(s)

Any Thoughts?

Blog Evaluation

I’v never used WordPress before. It’s OK. I like how I can easily tinker around with the template’s html on Blogger (even when its hosted by them). That said, having RSS feeds easily imported & the use of tagging is very helpful. I’m oblivious to any other blogging services out there.