Hello all,

I just created a page that is linked thought the Aboutness pane (you can also reach it by clicking on this http://abcs.wordpress.com/aboutness).  Let me know what you think.

Some things that I wrestled with were…

  1. OVERTLY threatening.  The way I have it means that posts/comments that would be considered slightly threatening are allowed.  [I did this because I’m not really sure where to draw the line of “really upset” to “threatening”]
  2. Terms are subjective.  What is or is not threatening.  The law says what’s obscene, but it does so in non-specific ways.  Somebody might think the s-word is obscene while others have no problem with the more graphic photographs of Mapplethorpe.
  3. Should Author be defined.

-Bryan Loar

Administrator Authority

I think we should discuss and lay some ground rules down in regards to admin authority/involvement.  We should be very upfront to participants how, if any, moderation takes place on the blog.

  • We should indicate whether or not we would ever edit a post
  • We should indicate proper etiquette and repercussions for improper use
  • We should indicate rights and responsibilities of authors & administrator(s)

Any Thoughts?

Blog Evaluation

I’v never used WordPress before. It’s OK. I like how I can easily tinker around with the template’s html on Blogger (even when its hosted by them). That said, having RSS feeds easily imported & the use of tagging is very helpful. I’m oblivious to any other blogging services out there.