Want to Be a ArLiSNAP Coordinator? This Is Your Chance!


(Polls Close at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, May 16th)

ArLiSNAP is seeking candidates for the position of  Coordinator.

The new coordinator will serve a term of 2 years, to be staggered with another coordinator (currently Bryan Loar), beginning May 18th.

Coordinator responsibilities are to facilitate special projects, advance the concerns of students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA, and run the annual meeting and student pub crawl at the annual ARLIS/NA conference. The future coordinator will be heavily involved with the administration of the ArLiSNAP site and will serve as a representative and liaison between ArLiSNAP and other groups within ARLIS/NA.  Candidates do not need to have been present at the Boston meeting in order to run.

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, your professional or educational experience, and your thoughts on future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.  Please post your candidacy by Sunday, May 9th.

Elections will be held using SurveyMonkey from Monday, May 10th through Monday, May 17th. The results will be announced on May 18th.

If you have questions about the position or the election, please feel free to contact current coordinators, Tracy Bergstrom and Bryan Loar.

Minutes from Boston meeting

Please find minutes from our recent discussion at the annual conference below.  Feel free to leave questions, comments, or corrections!

ArLiSNAP Special Interest Group Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2010, 2:30-3:30pm
ARLIS/NA annual conference, Boston, MA

Meeting called to order at approximately 2:35pm.  Twenty-five people in attendance.

For the second year, a survey was developed to gauge members’ needs, concerns, and preferences.  At the start of the meeting, each meeting participant (with the co-moderators as the exeption) completed a survey.  Additionally, an electronic version of the survey was announced on ARLIS-L, arlisnap.org, and ArLiSNAP’s Facebook page.  The electronic survey will be open until May 3.  After which time, the results will be posted on arlisnap.org and ArLiSNAP’s Facebook page.  The co-moderators will prompt a group analysis and solicit comments in the post.

Discussion topics:

Co-moderators report of past year’s activities, including activities by Tracy and Bryan and by those who volunteered at 2009’s meeting for additional positions.  Based on suggestion, a volunteer directory will be posted to blog in future.

Mentorship discussed as an opportunity that can profit both mentors and mentees.  Suggestion raised that mentorship opportunity be created for those that would like a mentor with experience and leadership in the profession in exchange for providing technical assistance and contributing knowledge about emerging technologies.

Topics of interest for future conferences include: deciding between professional or support staff positions and resume review sessions.

Relevance of job posting on blog discussed since so few jobs are coming on the market at the moment.  Consensus in discussion was that arlisnap.org should continue posting.  Arlisnap.org has become a destination for job postings because its service collocates specific art-related postings from multiple sources.  As a result, users save time by visiting arlisnap.org.

Suggestions for additional content for the blog include more workshop content, including regional and web-based opportunities.

The relevance of using the blog as a discussion tool was talked about in detail.  Some in attendance articulated that they didn’t feel comfortable expressing uncertainty about topics in a public sphere.   Those in attendance were encouraged to keep posting relevant resources that would be of interest to others with the goal of encouraging the dissemination of information.  Stats show that posts are being actively read, even if replies are scarce.

Outreach was also discussed.  A question emerged as to how to best reach out to chapters and/or student groups of potential members at individual universities.   Chapter representatives in attendance are encouraging that ArLiSNAP be in contact directly with schools.  One possible solution to this might be to have a future volunteers designated as student-liaisons.

Call for election of new co-moderator will be posted to blog within a week after the meeting date (May 2, 2010).  Applicants will have the opportunity to post their nominations to arlisnap.org over a one-week period, and the election will be held from the May 10th to the 17th.  Final results will be announced to the elected co-moderator and posted on the blog on May 18th.  Any interested candidates are encouraged to apply or to contact Tracy or Bryan with questions.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

Announcing the 2010 ArLiSNAP Pub Stop!

We’re pleased to announce this year’s Pub Stop event, scheduled for Friday, April 23. We’ll plan to depart from the Welcome Party at around 9pm and head over to The Barking Crab, located at 88 Sleeper Street about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. A map is included on our crustacean-adorned fliers (see above), which will be distributed at the registration desk and newbie orientation event next week.

For those attending the conference for the first time, the Pub event is organized by ArLiSNAP to promote general introductions and levity amongst members. We sincerely hope to see you there.


New topics for Web 2.0 kiosk?

In addition to doling out friendly service via the Web 2.0 kiosk at the annual conference, we also have snappy handouts for folks to take away. Each handout says a bit about how you can use various technologies and and short explanations of pertinent lingo and concepts. From past years, we’ve got handouts for: Twitter, blogs, RSS, social bookmarking & wikis.

Any additional suggestions of new or emerging technologies that we might want to include?

If you haven’t done so, please sign up for a kiosk shift. Details and the sign-up link can be found here.


Pub Crawl or Pub Stop?

As some of you may have noticed, the schedule for this year’s upcoming conference in Boston is slightly compressed into two days rather than three. In light of there no longer being a free evening, we here at SNAP Central have been pondering when to schedule the annual Pub Crawl. If you are new to the conference, the Pub Crawl is an event organized by ArLiSNAP to promote general introductions and levity amongst members. We normally round up a good-sized gaggle of librarians and head out into the night to explore whatever locale surrounds the conference hotel.

Our current idea is to have the event on Friday night. We’d leave the Convocation as a group and head to a TBD pub, but not crawl to multiple locations. This will allow others to find us if they’d like to join later, which has been an issue in the past. For lack of a better name, we’re currently thinking of this idea as a ‘Pub Stop.’

Please leave a comment below if you’re liking this idea (or not). We’re looking for a Boston local to suggest a pub in the vicinity of the hotel. Also someone please suggest a better name for the event.


Reminder: Volunteer for the Web 2.0 Kiosk!

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we are looking for volunteers for the Web 2.0 Kiosk at the upcoming annual conference. Please see the post here to read more about this opportunity and view the sign-up link.

If you sign-up to volunteer by this coming Friday, your name will be listed for all posterity in the conference program. Tempting, eh?


Call for Volunteers- Web 2.0 kiosk in Boston!

Have some knowledge of web 2.0 features such as blogs, wikis and mashups? Looking to meet some new folks and become involved? If so, please consider volunteering for this year’s Web 2.0 Kiosk in Boston at the upcoming annual conference. The Kiosk is an informal setting for Arlisians to ask questions about various new and emerging technologies. Volunteers will assist participants as they spend some hands-on time exploring how they can take advantage of 2.0 tools and the benefits these tools hold for art libraries.

In the immortal words words of Rebecca Cooper, volunteering for the Kiosk offers the benefits of:

– Sharing your knowledge with others and adding to the art librarianship dialogue

– Expanding your network of ARLIS/NA members

– Gaining instruction experience in an informal setting

If this sounds like fun, please add your name and the time slots you’d like to volunteer to this schedule. Based on traffic in past years to the Kiosk, we’re aiming for 3-4 volunteers per time slot.

Can’t attend the annual conference this year and feeling left out? We’re also looking for someone crafty to update the posters and handouts. If interested, drop me a line at
tbergstr AT nd DOT edu


First-time conference attendee blogger: Call for Volunteer(s)

Dear all,

Bryan and I have been contacted by the organizers of this year’s upcoming annual conference about having a first-time attendee blog their experiences to the official conference blog. While there will be others blogging about their conference experiences, they would especially like to include the perspective of a first-timer or two who can document the experience of attending their first national conference.

You could make as much or as little as you like of this, by blogging daily during the conference or just occasional deep thoughts. That said, your posts will reach a wide audience so this would be an excellent opportunity for individuals who are striving to meet others and become involved in the organization.

If you are interested, please leave a response below. I don’t have too much more info than what appears above, but if there are questions I’m also glad to try to answer.


Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks to all who attended the *early* meeting at ARLIS/ NA this past Saturday morning. Based on comments made during the meeting and via paper surveys we collected, I wanted to post the following positions for which we’re seeking volunteers.

If you couldn’t make it on Saturday but would like to volunteer, please do!  If you can think of any additional areas that you’d like to see ArLiSNAP pursue, also feel free to suggest other coordinator positions.

To volunteer or give feedback, please leave a comment to this post.

Discussion Coordinator: Promote group participation by posting discussion subjects of topical interest to ArLiSNAP members. Potential discussion topics might relate to art & design, copyright, education, etc.

Membership Coordinator:  Create a directory with contact info, interests, and photos of members. Periodically post a ‘member spotlight’ feature with information about the activities of one of our members.

Mentorship Coordinator:  Keep abreast of both ARLIS and outside mentorship opportunities that would be of interest to members. Post deadlines and pertinent information for potential applicants interested in matching up with a professional mentor.

Professional Development Coordinator:  Post information about continuing education opportunities that might be of interest to young and new professionals, such as webinars, workshops, and non-ARLIS meetings or conferences.

Liaison Coordinator:  Investigate how other student member groups within professional organizations are structured and funded. Brainstorm about how ArLiSNAP might increase its position within ARLIS/NA based on other organization’s models.

Site Administrator:  Maintain and coordinate technical aspects of the ArLiSNAP blog. Keep up existing blog functionality as well as brainstorm on how to best present new content or features. Coordinate with co-moderators to arrange payment for continued domain and mapping services.