New Voices in the Profession, 2009: Call for Papers

Paper proposals for the New Voices in the Profession session at the annual ARLIS-NA conference (2009, Indianapolis) are now being accepted. New Voices showcases exceptional academic work by students and new professionals (under 5 years post MLS.) Paper topics should relate strongly to Art and/or Visual Resources Librarianship, but also digital library projects, archives, library instruction, reference and the changing nature of libraries, among other topics.


If interested, please send a paper topic and brief explanation to me by Sept. 30. Please feel free to re-post.




Sarah Falls

User Services Specialist


Student Pub-Crawl 4: DENVER

Denver pubs will never know what hit them when the Art Librarians show up in town…

The 4th Annual ARLIS-NA Student Pub crawl will begin on Sat., May 3 at 8pm in the conference hotel lobby.

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This year, we are out with the baseball fans, so please eat dinner before starting out. The first two pubs do serve food, but there is no guarantee of seating.

Without further a do, the line-up:

1. Wynkop Brewing Co.
1536 Wynkoop St. (Wynkoop and 18th St.)
Housed in the historic J.S. Brown Mercantile building, the Wynkoop Brewing Company led the way in the resurgence of Lower Downtown. The interior boasts a warm Colorado pub feel with its hardwood floors, thick timber pillars and pressed tin ceilings. Throw in plenty of great food and park it here.

2. Fado Irish Pub
1735 19th St., Denver, Colorado; Tel. 303.297.0066
The Denver outpost of the national Fado Irish Bar chain does much of the same as its green brethren putting forth some authentic, artery clogging Irish food, heavily stocking the bar with Guinness, ales, whiskey and scotches, and promoting good will and joy through food and drink. This Denver bar is the neighborhood pub for all of the mountain dwelling Irish ex-pats and their descendents who need to be reminded of their homeland occasionally (read nightly). The musical selections, many nights at Fado Irish Pub see live acoustic and Celtic bands play, is as authentic as the food and booze selection—the boxty, especially, are spot on.

3. Nallen’s Irish Pub
1429 Market St., Denver, Colorado; Tel. 303.572.0667
Nallen’s Irish Pub is a straight up Denver bar that doesn’t let any of those pesky foodstuffs get in the way of your daily dosages of Guinness and whiskey. If you’re just into downing a quiet pint at Nallen’s Irish Pub, grab a spot at the bar in the afternoons or early evenings because this Denver bar becomes a Larimer Square hotspot hangout once the sun sets and raucous imbibers are released from their daily pens.

Call for Papers- New Voices 3

New Voices showcases exceptional academic work by students and new professionals (under 5 years post MLS) at the annual ARLIS-NA conference, this year to occur May 1-5, 2008 in Denver, CO ( Five papers, including the Gerd Muesham award winner, are presented on a variety of topics that engage with Arts and Visual Resources Librarianship. Topics may include and are not limited to: Digital Libraries, Archives, Cataloging/Metadata Standards, Instruction and Outreach, Marketing, Asssessment, Book Arts.

Selected speakers must be able to give a 15 minute presentation of their work from a finished, scholarly paper with A/V files that are submittable for later, post-conference proceedings. Current students are given first preference as speakers, and are encouraged to apply for ARLIS-NA travel awards.

If interested, please send an abstract and contact information by Sept. 25 to Sarah Falls at the University of Richmond.

Call for VRA proposals

Hey all: the call is up for San Diego. Anyone want to work with me on a smaller, emerging technologies panel? Let me know. I’m looking for succinct, singular projects that involve programs such as API’s, web 2.0 (wikis, blogs, etc.) or hand-made products to deal with images in teaching. When I say succinct, I mean small projects in units such as subject areas or classes.

Sarah Falls, UR,

Eye to I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy

The ACRL Arts Section and Instruction Section invite you to visit the
Virtual Poster Sessions being offered in connection with their joint
program at ALA 2007 in Washington, D.C. The conference program, titled
“Eye to I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy,” will explore the
relationship between these two sets of abilities. The poster sessions
and more information about the conference program can be found at:

The poster sessions offer practical approaches to teaching information
literacy and visual literacy, new ideas for integrating multiple
literacy skills into your instruction, and tips for collaborations that
connect information literacy, visual literacy, and student learning.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to submit comments in order to
engage in a dialogue with the presenters virtually.

We look forward to seeing you at the IS/AS conference program on Sunday,
June 24, 2007, 1:30-3:30pm, Renaissance Hotel, Grand Ballroom South.

Meghan Sitar
Instruction and Outreach Librarian
Library Instruction Services
University of Texas Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin

Proposals for Denver '08 – Instructional Round Robin

Okay, first, I’ll be pitching New Voices again. It’s wildly popular and has a permanent place–which I’m trying to solidify through the professional development committee.

Second, I’m going to pitch a large instructional rotating mega-session. Now, how to do this for an organization that is so stuck on old structures of “sessions” and “workshops.” I’m basing it on the “cyber zed shed” model used at ACRL this spring. Here’s a visual:

I would like to propose a 5-6 hour station, with 30 minute turns in the exhibit hall. We can do half demos (this is how you set up a blog, this is how you set up a wiki) and then half “real-world” implementations of this technology. I’d like to get corporate sponsorship for this from someone like wordpress or flickr.

Also, I’d like to rabble rouse a bit on what the CPAC spends money on as a “keynote” speaker. I loved the Art Guys in Houston. But frankly, this format drags out convocation and we have topics of little relevance to us art professionals. If we had other invited speakers throughout, it would be fine, but since there is no topical keynote, it seems like a waste. Currently, Lawrence Lessig is involved with a copyright lawsuit brought about by some of the folks that work on the internet archive. It’s a lay person’s (read, not film or recording industry) attempt to break down some of the current copyright restriction and hammer out the orphan works issue. Bringing in some of those folks would be really cool…

Any thoughts???