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2018-2020 ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator Candidates!


Please vote for our new ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator for 2018-2020 via Google Form by March 11th.

The candidates, listed alphabetically, are as follows:

You can learn more about each candidate from their short answers below.


Mya Frieze, Graduate Student (Art History and MLIS) and Program Assistant, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Tell us a little about your background:

While I was an undergraduate at Florida State University, I focused my studies on Art History and Museum Studies. I was heavily involved in several student organizations, including the Undergraduate Art History Association and the College Leadership Council for the College of Fine Arts. When considering future career paths, I was introduced to the field of arts librarianship by my advisor, who is an arts librarian herself. I decided to pursue dual Masters degrees in Art History and Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where my art historical studies focus on Early Medieval Insular Art. I am also currently the Program Assistant for the Medieval Studies Program and the Center for Early Modern Studies at UW.

What merits/experiences do you bring to this position?

In my previous work and leadership experiences I have had many opportunities to cultivate different skills. Working with students and faculty through the College Leadership Council for the College of Fine Arts (CLC), I have developed communication skills necessary for maintaining student involvement, gaining faculty support, and organizing collaborative events. I organized panels for the Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA), which brought together graduate students and faculty to advise undergraduates. For both organizations I was involved in compiling, editing, and publishing a magazine of student work. Those roles, as well as recent work experiences at a library on campus have also given me experience working with social media to engage patrons. All of these skills would allow me to fulfill the duties of Co-Moderator and advance the goals of ArLiSNAP.

What would be your future goals for ArLiSNAP?

Maintaining and expanding the resources ArLiSNAP provides to members would be the top priority, ensuring that students and emerging professionals have access to job opportunities and professional development experiences beneficial to their careers. I would be interested in pursuing a mentorship program between established library professionals and those just entering, or planning to enter, the work force.


Michele Jennings, Art Librarian, Ohio University

Tell us a little about your background:

I have a BA from UC Santa Cruz in History of Art and Visual Culture and graduated with my MLIS from the University of British Columbia in September 2017. My MLIS thesis was a study of image metadata for Indigenous visual culture of the US and Canada with a focus on settler colonialist biases in controlled vocabularies, critical cataloguing for visual resources, and the construction of expertise in best practices documentation. As a student, I had jobs related to art librarianship, digital initiatives, and information architecture, and before my current position as Art Librarian at Ohio University, I was a librarian at Vancouver Community College and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. My interests include critical librarianship, digital art history, learning strategies for art and design students, and the ethics of digital collections.

What merits/experiences do you bring to this position?

I think as a moderator for ArLiSNAP, I bring both an appreciation for and understanding of traditional art librarianship alongside experience and enthusiasm for the future of the profession, including digital art history and collaboration with other subject areas and library professionals. I am a new professional that is very, very new so I think that I am still connected with the concerns of students as well.

What would be your future goals for ArLiSNAP?

I would really like to expand ArLiSNAP’s role in bringing crit lib to the broader ARLIS community (this year’s virtual conference was great and I would like the opportunity to continue that conversation), and to provide additional opportunities for career information and advice. I think ArLiSNAP already does a great job of bringing in unique voices and perspectives in the profession, so it would be my goal to continue that as well. ArLiSNAP was an important resource for me as I was job hunting, and since I was studying at a library school not connected to a museum studies or art history program, the twitter and blog gave me a virtual space to tap into my interests and aspirations in art librarianship. I see maintaining that kind of space for like-minded people combined with practical job information as integral to ArLiSNAP in the long term.


Mackenzie Salisbury, Reference + Instruction Librarian, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Tell us a little about your background:

As an undergrad I studied Art History with a focus on contemporary photography while working in the slide library. Once I graduated I moved to Chicago with a friend and stumbled across the Newberry Library. It was the first of many internships that really guided me towards becoming a Librarian. Since graduating with my MLIS from Drexel University, I have worked as an Information Services Librarian at Northeastern Illinois University, a museum/solo librarian at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and now as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

What merits/experiences do you bring to this position?

I was lucky enough to have an unofficial mentor when I first started pursuing Art Librarianship. The best advice she ever gave me was to find community. I deeply believe that I am at my best when I am working and collaborating with others. I am currently on a number of committees, including the ARLISna Mentoring committee and I am co-chair (ending my term) of a regional consortia instruction committee (CARLI). Working on these committees I have learned a great deal about being a leader, running a successful meeting, and promoting new ideas or programs. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I can share my experiences with others and love giving back and learning from new librarians.

What would be your future goals for ArLiSNAP?

There are so many things that ArLiSNAP currently does that I would continue and expand. I think the interviews with new Librarians is a great way to showcase people and how they have gotten where they are. I would strongly push for a continuance of the ArLiSNAP Conference Award/fund, as I know how important going to conferences can be. I also think tapping into the creative aspect of ArLiSNAP members to make a zine or artist book could be a great way to raise money for this fund. I would love to create a guide or living website that people could collect their experiences, tips and tricks to share as they grow into new roles. And last but not least, more networking / connecting opportunities both in real life and virtually!


Marianne Williams, Librarian-in-Residence at the University of Arkansas

Tell us a little about your background:
I am a new professional developing my career in art librarianship. As a grad student at the University of Toronto, I did internships at the Art Gallery of Ontario and several other art organizations around the city. After I graduated in 2015, I completed a year-long library practicum an artist residency centre, the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff National Park. I am currently the Librarian-in-Residence at the University of Arkansas, where I work in rotations at the Fine Arts Library and in Reference and Instruction. My interests are in integrating and developing instruction for arts-based research.

What merits/experiences do you bring to this position?

I have been active in ARLIS since 2014, and I’d like to increase my involvement at the national level. I presented at the ARLISNAP webinar last October, and in Seattle and New Orleans, however, I’d like to have a more regular presence within the organization that happens throughout the year. I have also really benefited from the ARLIS Mentoring program and meeting other students and new professionals. Being the co-moderator would give me more opportunities to develop some leadership skills and build some new relationships.

What would be your future goals for ArLiSNAP?

I really enjoyed taking part in the virtual conference last October, and I’d really like to have similar knowledge-sharing projects supported and encouraged. I would also like to see some additional live chats and Twitter chats, perhaps in the style of #critlib and see some more engagement with members that way.

Please welcome your new Communications Liaison, Marie Andrews!

picture of Marie Andrews

Hi SNAPpers! I’m Marie, your ArLiSNAP Communications Liaison.  I volunteered with this group to learn about the great things going on, and to share all this good info with you.

I have a bachelor’s in Fine Arts and master’s in environmental design while taking some American studies courses on the side. Over the years a few things stayed with me: the power of visual communication and a deep appreciation for the everyday ways life persists and thrives in the face of injustice. I wanted to support communities in finding, using, and creating their own stories of place and community.

I’m completely hooked on Tate’s Animating the Archives series. I regularly watch the video on collecting oral histories for inspiration when finals come around!

I live in Washington (by way of Illinois and New Mexico) and am a second-year part-time student at University of Washington’s iSchool. This is the first time I’ve lived near water, and love watching baby crabs scurry around. It will be a long time before riding a ferry into Seattle is boring! 

When not thinking about work and school, I love spending time with Baba Yaga, Joseph Campbell, or Clarissa Pinkola-Estés. I enjoy seeing how myths play out in modern storytelling, like the podcast Tanis, and re-envisioning elements and embroidering my own illustrations.

Looking forward to a fantastic year!

ArLiSNAP Events at ARLIS2015



ArLiSNAP Discussion Session

Saturday March 21, 2015 5:00pm – 6:00pm
ArLiSNAP is offering a dedicated space at the Annual Conference for students and new professionals to discuss current events and issues that matter to us. The aim is to have a loose structure that encourages people to bring their own issues, questions, and opinions — a space to shape the future of ArLiSNAP, ARLIS/NA, and the profession at large.
We would love to help people carry on discussions that ran out of time in other sessions, cover materials that aren’t represented in the schedule, and make connections between established professionals / mentors and new entrants to the field. We encourage mid- and late-career librarians to attend our session and see what the next generation has on their minds. (Especially if you’re hiring, or offering internships, or teaching, or …)
This will be a social space as much as an intellectual one, so bring your business cards and be prepared to reach out to people whose ideas and opinions you share!

The best way to participate in this session is to engage with ArLiSNAP beforehand – on Twitter, on our website, on Facebook, or in person with any of our representatives at the conference – and let us know what you’d like to talk about!

We’re interested in discussion topics, lightning talks, one-minute pitches, breakout groups, mentor/mentee networking, and whatever else you’d like to propose.
We’ll be announcing our themes and discussion leaders during the conference itself, so keep an eye on the listservs and social media:

ArLiSNAP on Facebook

(And if we’re still talking at 6pm, we might transition to dinner and drinks nearby …)

ArLiSNAP Night Out

Friday, March 20 – 8:30 pm, T&P Tavern

Join us after the Welcome Reception for some drinks and food! Meet other students and new professionals to discuss your conference experience in an informal setting. The T&P Tavern is located just a couple blocks from the conference hotel making it a convenient walk. We hope to see you there!

ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting

The agenda for our annual meeting is available here.

We invite all members to comment with their thoughts on topics they would like to discuss.

Alternative Lodging for ARLIS2015!

Interested in coming to the ARLIS/NA Conference this March, but hoping for a cheaper stay? A few of us on the ArLiSNAP team are looking into staying at the Downtown East Motel 6.

Click here for more info.