Our Volunteers

ArLiSNAP is made possible by its team of dedicated volunteers. We are always happy to welcome more people to help our little community grow.  Volunteers play essential roles in our group, and have the opportunity to network and support their fellow members. Getting involved in ArLiSNAP is a great way to show your dedication to the field of art librarianship! Below are some of the ways in which you can help out.

These positions are flexible; if you commit to watch for job postings, but are moved to write a discussion post, we encourage that wholeheartedly!

Contact Breanne (becrumpton(at)gmail(dot)com) and Michele (mljennings01(at)gmail(dot)com) for more information.


ArLiSNAP Co-Moderators

This role is currently filled by:

Breanne Crumpton

Co-Moderator, 2017-2019

Michele Jennings

Co-Moderator, 2018-2020

Social Media Liaison

This role is currently filled by:

Larry Eames

This role involves engaging readers through our various social media accounts, encouraging and moderating discussions on Facebook and Twitter. Their role is to promote the most recent discussion, and explore different ways of interacting with members, such as Twitter chats and collaborative Pinterest boards. This liaison will be expected to contribute on an approximately weekly basis.

Feature Post Writers

This role is currently filled by:

Sarah Bilotta

Courtney Hunt

Autumn Wetli

Our team of writers contribute posts on topics relevant to the field of art librarianship. These include posts exploring current hot topics, interviews, success stories, and more. Potential discussion topics might relate to art & design, copyright, education, and other subjects that can spark a conversation.



Chapter Liaison

This role is currently filled by:

Alex O’Keefe

Our Chapter Liaison help keep us connected our ARLIS Chapters in the United States, promoting news and events from each chapter while promoting ArLiSNAP to each chapter.

Canadian Liaison

This role is currently filled by:

Angelique Roy

This volunteer liaises with the Canadian ARLIS Chapters, sharing news and events related to art librarianship in Canada.


Job Postings/Professional Development Opportunities

This role is currently filled by:


Jasmine Burns

Are you already on the lookout for jobs or educational opportunities related to art librarianship? This position is a great way to keep tabs on the latest opportunities, and help out your fellow arlisnappers at the same time. These liaisons monitor various sources, including listservs, RSS feeds, and websites, to keep the ArLiSNAP blog updated with the latest relevant opportunities. This important position helps us fulfill one of ArLiSNAP’s core services for its members. Volunteers must be willing to check the sources they sign up for at least once per week.


Student Liaison

This position is open!

This liaison reaches out to student organizations associated with art history/MLIS dual-degree programs, schools with established art/humanities-interested MLIS student groups, and other large MLIS programs.


Conference Planning Liaison

This position is open!

This liaison will help organize our future conference planning endeavors. ArLiSNAP holds several events at every annual ARLIS/NA conference. We also organize a mid-year webinar for art librarianship students. More details to come soon!


Communications Liaison

This position is open!

This liaison works to improve communications and marketing within the organization and all our members.