Intent & Mission

This Web site was created as a resource for all student & new professional members of any Art Libraries Society. Our mission is to provide an open forum for sharing ideas pertinent to art librarianship. By doing so, participants will capitalize on the shared experiences and knowledge of the art library community. Furthermore, this Web site will provide a safe haven for art library students and new professionals by fostering exploration & scholarship in a supportive atmosphere.


Art Library Students & New ARLIS* Professionals (ArLiSNAP) began as the Student Affairs Discussion Group in 2004.  In 2006, the group created and developed the arlisnap.org site and renamed the group to its current name. In 2014, arlisnap.org was deprecated as ArLiSNAP was moved onto the ARLIS/NA website proper. For more information, see the History page.


All members, including student members, of every Art Libraries Society strive to conduct themselves professionally. This includes etiquette both on & offline. This Web site is a forum in which an open dialogue is encouraged. This Web site is meant to foster professional development and to allow discussions ranging from inert to controversial.

With this in mind, please note the following:

  1. Blog administrator(s) will not edit any post. The blog administrator(s) firmly believe in the right to free speech. However, If the post is determined to be obscene, overtly threatening, or illegal under U.S. Federal Law, the blog administrator(s) have the sole discretion of removing a post. If a post is removed, an explanation of its removal will be published on this Web site’s blog.
  2. Blog administrators(s) reserve the right to remove or restrict an Author’s ability to post and/or comment on this Web site’s blog if they have committed any of the infractions in #1.
  3. Blog administrators(s) reserve the right to remove comments deemed to be spam without notice.  Authors of spam comments may be blocked from making future comments with or without notice.

Art Libraries Society members are diverse, geographically widespread, and proud of their organization. The administrators of this website sincerely wish to include all voices–including those dissenting & controversial. The administrators believe this website will give anyone who is interested in art librarianship that chance.


The views expressed within this Web site do not necessarily reflect those of any Art Libraries Society. This Web site is currently not endorsed by any Art Library Society. Please keep in mind our Web site is continuously evolving. We welcome any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Please e-mail the ArLiSNAP Co-moderators with any queries.


Thanks to everyone who has input their ideas, thoughts, and time into this collective effort. We thank every volunteer since its inception for contributing their efforts, ideas, and enthusiasm to the group.

We wish to specifically thank Sarah Falls and Jacqueline Rogers for their insight, intelligence, and contributions as well as members of the ARLIS/NA Student Blog Committee: Becky Bristol, Sara Carter, Rebecca Cooper, Jessica Fadel, Bryan Loar, Megan Macken, Laura Palumbo, & Susan Winkler.