Call for ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator Candidates

Hello ArLiSNAP!

We are so excited to announce that we are kicking off the election cycle for our new ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator, who will serve a two-year term from 2022 to 2024.

Interested in learning more about being a Co-Mod? Read In Chaun’s Words: What It Means to be a ArLiSNAP Co-Mod by Chaun Campos, the co-moderator rotating off.

If you’d like to collaboratively lead ArLiSNAP with Jessica Craig, soon-to-be second-year co-moderator, please complete this form to submit your candidacy.

The form will close on May 27, 2022, and voting on candidates will begin on May 30, 2022. Keep an eye on our blog, listserv, and social media for candidate and voting information! Please feel free to send any questions to

Best of luck to all who run!

Chaun + Jessica
ArLiSNAP Co-Moderators

ArLiSNAP Volunteer Positions Available!

Volunteer Applications Open!

Are you a student or new professional looking for opportunities to get involved in conversations around art librarianship? We are excited to announce openings in our team of volunteers: Social Media Liaison, Communications Liaison, and Canadian Liaison!

We would like to thank our outgoing Social Media Liaison, Callie Cherry; outgoing Communications Liaison, Meghan O’Neill; and outgoing Canadian Liaison, Chelsea Woodhouse, and look forward to getting interest forms from potential new team members soon.

Please see the descriptions of these open positions on our volunteers page on our ArLiSNAP blog. Each of these positions offer an opportunity to engage with our new professional community, collaborate with other volunteers, promote initiatives you’d like to see for ArLiSNAP, and gain leadership experience.

To apply, please fill out the ArLiSNAP Volunteer Position Interest Form available here: Submissions are due March 7th, 2022. If you have any questions about the role or ArLiSNAP before the deadline, please feel free to reach out to the co-moderators by emailing us at

VOTE NOW for the 2021-2023 ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator!

Banner reading "Vote Now" "Co-Moderator Elections Open!" "Closes 6/20"

The submission period for 2021-2023 ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator candidacy has closed, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to start voting! 

Before voting, be sure to read about the candidates below. Cast your vote by June 20 using this form. Please feel free to send any questions to


Jessica Craig
Lindsey Jackson
Alison Quirion

Learn more about each candidate before voting

Jessica Craig
Library Reference Assistant, UCLA Arts Library

Tell us a little about your background with art librarianship and/or ARLIS.
Like many, I became interested in art librarianship ever since I learned there is such a thing. My experience started in 2017 while earning a B.A. in Art History. I was working at a public library and I volunteered at a small community art archive on the weekends. I was incredibly inspired by the act of documenting and preserving collective artistic expressions and stories. Once I started my MLIS program in 2019, I became more intentionally focused on art librarianship. I joined the UCLA Arts Library as a Reference Assistant and have worked there since. When I’m not fielding reference inquiries, I develop arts-based research guides, provide instructional workshops, and dabble in creating digital art exhibits. After I graduate with an MLIS degree this June, I will start work with the Getty Research Institute in September, where I hope to continue growing my knowledge of art librarianship as I enter the field. 

Beyond my professional work, I have loved engaging with ARLIS/NA community. I received the 2021 ARLIS/NA Gerd Muehsam award for my paper, “Computer Vision for Visual Arts Collections: Looking at Algorithmic Bias, Transparency, and Labor.” I was fortunate enough to present this paper at the 2021 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, alongside many other incredible presentations in the New Voices in the Profession session. I will also be publishing it in the ARLIS/NA Art Documentation journal this upcoming Fall. 

I am also looking forward to learning more through my engagement with ArLiSNAP and the many exciting opportunities that come with being part of this community. When I met some of the current ArLiSNAP volunteers during the last annual conference, I felt incredibly welcomed and supported as a new member. The kind and fun spirit of the group meant very much to me. Simply meeting others from ArLiSNAP helped to ease my nerves as a first-time conference presenter. Now, looking back on their kindness, that experience is the primary source of motivation for me to apply to this Co-Moderator position.

What merits / experiences do you bring to this position?
I am dedicated to promoting opportunities and engagement among students and new professionals. For example, during my MLIS education, I served in leadership roles for two student organizations. I was a Co-President for the UCLA student chapter of the Special Libraries Association after I had served as the Activities Chair for the previous year. I was also the Secretary and Web Chair for two years for the UCLA student group, Artifacts, an organization for students interested in arts librarianship, visual resources, and museum informatics. My involvement with these student associations was driven by my interest in collaborating with others to enhance student learning opportunities.

I have also branched out from student groups by working with the broader professional library network as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Southern California Technical Processes Group. I have always been interested in the technical services aspects of art librarianship, so this was my opportunity to merge both of those curiosities. I believe my past involvement with both student and professional organizations will allow me to contribute meaningfully to ArLiSNAP. I have learned what it takes to commit to leading and supporting the members of robust and growing organizations. I have enjoyed participating in outreach and programming, along with other administrative duties, such as creating documentation, planning internal meetings, providing website maintenance, and more. Most importantly, I have learned how to collaborate, adjust, listen, and promote a supportive learning environment for all of those involved.

If elected, what would be your biggest goals for ArLiSNAP?
As a Co-Moderator, I would work with my fellow volunteers to continue the existing mission of the group while collaborating to develop new initiatives and opportunities for all. There is a lot this group has to offer – from promoting knowledge to sharing resources, fostering dialogues, growing an inclusive network, and creating a lasting community. My goal would be to strengthen this supportive environment by introducing new programming, enhancing outreach strategies, and promoting meaningful engagement among members. 

For programming, we could develop co-sponsored events, such as workshops and webinars that focus on emerging trends, equitable service, professional development, and building the confidence of early-career students and professionals. Additionally, planning events purely for fun, like happy hours, watch parties, gaming events, etc., so there is a focus on connecting with people, in addition to learning, too. 

For outreach, I would aim to center the group’s initiatives to welcome any and all who are interested. The unique nature of this membership base, being entirely composed of students and new professionals, provides an advantage and should be embraced while building our community. It allows for wide-open gates for entry and participation by those who may or may not have a background in art librarianship but certainly have an interest in learning more about it. I find that to be a really encouraging quality of this group and could help overall growth in membership.

In addition to programming and outreach, I would love to create opportunities for active engagement among members. By promoting active knowledge sharing, fluid communication, open contribution opportunities, a welcoming environment, and ways to learn more about each other, we could help foster meaningful and consistent engagement. 

Overall, I would hope to continue the incredible work that has already been started while working with others to contribute new ideas that would benefit everyone.

Lindsey Jackson
Senior Library Specialist/User Services Associate, University of Texas Fine Arts Library

Tell us a little about your background with art librarianship and/or ARLIS.
I stumbled upon art librarianship and ARLIS early into my time in library school. I was lucky that the regional ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter were having their 2018 meeting in my city of Austin, so I went and met a lot of lovely professionals and looked at some amazing art. I was able to attend the 2019 regional conference as well. At the regional meeting I volunteered for be on the planning committee for ARLIS/NA 2023 conference in Mexico City. I looked forward to attending the ARLIS/NA 2020. But that was thwarted by the pandemic, so I look forward to attending someday. 

In 2019 I began working at the University of Texas Fine Arts Library in access services and the student workers supervisor. This library houses an impressive maker space along with its’ impressive collection of fine art and music materials. I love working in this environment which encourages artistic exploration, and offers tools to pursue it. 

What merits / experiences do you bring to this position?
I have experience being a good virtual and in-person team member, and have experiences in project management and event planning. I am on the board of a performing arts nonprofit called Honk!TX, which puts on an annual brass band festival, with the last two years being virtual festivals. This position requires a lot of communication with band leaders, volunteers, and committee groups. I really enjoy working with this organization, because creating access to live music is something I’m passionate about. Our festival is free, in various neighborhoods around Austin, and is a spectacle. 

In 2019, I volunteered for the New Members Round Table Midwinter Social Planning committee. Along with 6 other volunteers, we met virtually to plan a social event at ALA’s Midwinter conference in Philadelphia. I reached out to venues, created social media content and signage using Canva, and I came up with ideas for event programming. I enjoyed working on this project for the opportunity to collaborate with other new up-and-coming professionals. 

I am also a trombone player for a local brass band. We have 12-16 mostly female-identifying members, which requires a lot of communication to confirm gigs, schedule events, maintain our social media platforms. I moved us away from endless email chains to using Slack, which has been a great way for us to communicate. This is my favorite team that I am on, all of my bandmates are amazing people and we get stuff done (and have a lot of fun).

I believe all of these experiences, would make me a good co-moderator for ArLiSNAP. I graduated with my MLS in December 2020 and was glad that I had started networking and being professionally involved while still in school. I want to make the process of being involved less intimidating. I think by fostering a good community with new professionals and seasoned ones, through outreach, events, and even just a solid Instagram post, is vitally important for the profession. 

If elected, what would be your biggest goals for ArLiSNAP?
Continuing to make ArLiSNAP a good resource and community for new professionals. Right now there may be a need for more help with resumes and interviews while many more people are looking for work. 

Alison Quirion
Library Assistant I, Orange County Public Libraries

Tell us a little about your background with art librarianship and/or ARLIS.
My background with art librarianship is limited to what I learned during my MLIS program. I did not even think that art librarianship was a feasible career option for me until I took an Art Librarianship course with a wonderful instructor, Maggie Murphy, who opened my eyes to the options and possibilities for people like me who love art and librarianship but don’t have an art or art history background. Since taking that course, I have joined ARLIS and VRA, have overcome my insecurities to apply for every possible scholarship and internship related to art librarianship, and hope to find my dream job now that I have graduated.

What merits / experiences do you bring to this position?
While art librarianship is completely new to me, I have many years of experience working in entertainment marketing and dealing with creative individuals. I have led teams, collaborated with diverse groups, built relationships and trust with key stakeholders, made presentations to groups large and small, and I love learning. During my last two semesters at San Jose State, I was the Chair of the student chapter of the Society of American Archivists, and contributed to raising awareness for the group, improving member experiences during the pandemic, and building a sense of community. I plan to bring my entire toolkit to the ArLiSNAP co-moderator role and look forward to drafting off all the hard work and accomplishments of Alex and being a great partner for Chaun.

If elected, what would be your biggest goals for ArLiSNAP?
If elected, I would first focus on the results of the most recent member survey, identify key priorities, and draft a plan to address member needs. I would also want to increase outreach to members who are less active to find ways to get them engaged and ensure that they continue to value their membership in the group. I would like to continue the work that has started on increasing diversity as well as exposing members to exciting work being done in critical librarianship. Past co-moderators have done a great job of evaluating services and activities, keeping what works, getting rid of what doesn’t, and adding new ways to serve members. That is something I would continue to do as a co-moderator. I would also want to make sure that our goals are aligned with the broader goals of ArLiS/NA, and that we maximize all opportunities to connect ArLiSNAP members with the entire association.

Call for ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator Candidates

Banner reading "Co-Moderator Applications Open! Due 5/23"

The Art Library Students and New ARLIS/NA Professionals (ArLiSNAP) Section is excited to announce that we are kicking off the election cycle for our new co-moderator, who will serve a two year term from 2021-2023. Curious about what it means to be co-moderator? Read Everything You Need to Know About Co-Moderating but Never Thought to Ask (2021 Edition) by Alex O’Keefe, the co-moderator rotating off.

If you’d like to collaboratively lead ArLiSNAP with Chaun, soon to be second-year co-moderator, please complete this form to submit your candidacy.

The form will close on May 23, 2021, and voting on candidates will begin on May 26, 2021. Keep an eye on our blog, listserv, and social media for candidate and voting information! Please feel free to send any questions to

ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting + Pre-Conference Social Hour

Banner with the ArLiSNAP Logo and the text: Pre-Conference Social Hour 5/7 @ 4 PM ET, ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting 5/3 @4 PM ET

We invite you to join us for the 2021 ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting at 4:00 PM EDT on Monday, May 3! The annual meeting is your chance to get an in-depth look at the activities of our ARLIS/NA section throughout the past year, as well as provide your feedback as we begin the next cycle. Please note: You do not have to be registered for the ARLIS/NA annual conference to attend this meeting. 

After that, join us for the ArLiSNAP Pre-Conference Social Hour at 4:00 PM ET on Friday, May 7! Meet new people or see old ‘conference buddies’ in this social space. Connect with other students and new professionals as we get excited for the conference together. We may not be able to meet in person for our traditional happy hour at a local spot, but we look forward to folks joining virtually wherever they are! Please note: This event is recommended for those registered for the conference.

For Zoom security purposes, please register using this form for either or both events by 4/3 at 10:00 AM EDT. We will send Zoom information and the agenda for the Annual Meeting shortly after that deadline prior to the meeting’s start time. 

We look forward to seeing you there!
Alex + Chaun
ArLiSNAP Co-Moderators 

ArLiSNAP Volunteer Positions Available!

Are you a student or new professional looking for opportunities to get involved in conversations around art librarianship? We are excited to announce two open ArLiSNAP volunteer positions to help you do just that! The Co-Moderators would like to thank those who served in these roles previously and look forward to getting interest forms from potential new team members soon.

The following positions are available: 

  • Canadian Liaison
  • Student Liaison

Descriptions for each position are available on our volunteer page:

To apply for a position, please fill out the ArLiSNAP Volunteer Position Interest Form available here: We will be reviewing the first round of applications on 2/19, so be sure to submit your form by 2/14! If you have any questions about the roles or ArLiSNAP before the deadline, please feel free to reach out to us at  

ArLiSNAP Biennial Survey – EXTENDED!

We still want to hear from students and new professionals through our biennial survey! We are extending the deadline, and expanding our reach due to low responses. This is a participant’s opportunity to tell us how they engage with ArLiSNAP (or don’t yet), which services they find relevant, and what topics they’re interested in. Answers will shape ArLiSNAP as we set our goals and revisit our plans for the next two years

The NEW DEADLINE to complete the survey is 10/18, and we think it will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Go to the survey using this link:

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful responses!

Alex + Chaun on behalf of all the ArLiSNAP Volunteers

Frick Art Reference Library – Paid Summer Internships

The Frick Art Reference Library has a variety of paid internships for Summer 2023:

Administration (undergraduate/graduate):

Access (graduate):

Archives (graduate):

Content (graduate):

ARLIS/NA Yearlong Career Mentoring Program

The ARLIS/NA Yearlong Career Mentoring Program is now recruiting mentors and mentees

Our program begins with a virtual workshop just after the 2023 Mexico City conference and continues until the 2024 conference.  The program has matched dozens of art library professionals in successful mentoring relationships and contributes to the wonderful bonds we have with each other for which the Society is known.

You will only need 1-2 hours a month to participate! You can develop your mentor/mentee relationship by Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, phone calls, or by email.

This year’s workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26th at 2pm ET and will take place virtually. You do not need to plan to attend the Annual Conference in order to participate. 

Are You New to Art Librarianship or Looking for Guidance? Apply to be a Mentee!

We’re looking for art librarians interested in building their skills for leadership roles (from project management to department management and everything in between) by working with mentors with leadership experience. You will cultivate a professional relationship with your mentor and mutually share your experiences with knowledgeable librarians to explore leadership. The program has matched dozens of art library professionals in successful mentoring relationships and mentors and mentees have raved about how beneficial the program was for them. 

“I have gained a lot from the mentorship program and greatly benefited from the experience of having someone with an interest solely in my success without being a work connection and clearly free of ulterior motives. My mentor helps me put things in perspective.” – Delia Tash (former mentee) 

Please fill out the mentee application at: 

Help Guide New Art Librarians: Serve as a Mentor!

“As a mentor, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have really enjoyed getting to know my mentee and helping her navigate the job search.  I am extremely impressed with the program and have very much appreciated being a part of it.”- Traci Timmons (former mentor)

Great mentors have different levels of experiences, skills, and backgrounds. Have you been in a leadership role in your library or a professional organization such as ARLIS/NA? Have you led a project or other endeavor? Do you want to help someone else succeed and develop their full potential? Do you want to learn about new trends and what other libraries do? Then you would make a great mentor!

If you have interest in being a mentor but not sure what to do? We will help you! The workshop focuses on the mentoring relationship for both mentors and mentees. Everyone benefits from new experiences and the members of the Mentoring Subcommittee will provide you with guidance, coaching, and support throughout the program. 

To become a mentor please fill out the form at: 

The deadline to apply to the ARLIS Mentoring Program for both mentors and mentees is Friday, March 31st by 11:59pm PT. The Mentoring Subcommittee will be in touch with you regarding mentorship pairs by April 11th, 2023. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to learn more about the program, or have questions, please contact the ARLIS/NA Mentoring Subcommittee Chair, Anna Boutin-Cooper at

Scholarships for the 2023 Summer Educational Institute for Digital Stewardship of Visual Information (SEI)

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF), along with the SEI 2023 Implementation Team, are pleased to announce the Samuel H. Kress Foundation Scholarships for the 2023 Summer Educational Institute for Digital Stewardship of Visual Information (SEI), to be held online on June 12-16, 2023.

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation is once again generously funding scholarships for SEI 2023. This year, due to the reduced registration fee for the online workshop, we are able to fund more scholarships than in previous years. This intensive workshop is designed to serve a wide range of information professionals eager to learn about best practices and new technologies and/or update job skills in the realm of digital collections management, as well as to provide significant networking and professional development opportunities. The comprehensive curriculum seeks to address the requirements of today’s cultural heritage information professionals, including hands-on and lecture modules presented by expert instructors. SEI provides new professionals, current library school students, and mid-career professionals from a wide range of related fields the opportunity to stay current in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Museum professionals, archivists, visual resources professionals, digital librarians, art and architecture librarians, digital project managers, current and recent graduate students, and others in related fields are all encouraged to attend.


  • The Kress Scholarship recipients will each receive complimentary registration to SEI.
  • SEI 2023 is a synchronous event and all attendees, including Kress Scholarship recipients, are expected to participate fully in the workshop
    • We encourage you to review the schedule before applying
  • After the event, each Kress Scholarship recipient will be required to write a summary detailing how they benefitted from SEI and the scholarship
  • Applications will be evaluated by the SEI Co-chairs, with special consideration given to applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Are current members of ARLIS/NA or VRA
    • Identify as BIPOC or one of the following US Census categories: African American/Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, or American Indian/Alaska Native
    • Are currently enrolled in an MA, MLIS, MLS, or related graduate program
    • Demonstrate financial need due to unemployment, underemployment, and/or the impact of COVID-19 on professional development funding

A note on successful applications: 

In addition to asking for brief biographical information, the application form will ask applicants to share a brief statement (200 words or less) about the effect attending SEI would have on your studies and/or your career. We look forward to reading your statement! We encourage you to be as specific as possible in your statement: please tell us how certain SEI workshops or events will directly benefit the work you do in your collection or academic program. 


  • Kress Scholarship applications will open Monday, February 13, 2023. Applications are due by Monday, February 27 at 5pm EST. 
  • Recipients will be notified by March 10, 2023

How to Apply:

ARLIS/NA Mountain West Chapter Winberta Yao Travel Award

The Mountain West Chapter of ARLIS/NA is pleased to invite applications for the Winberta Yao Travel Award. The recipient of the Winberta Yao Travel Award will receive $395, the cost of standard early rate registration for attendance at the 51st annual ARLIS/NA Conference being held in Mexico City from April 18-21, 2023.

Applicants must be current members of ARLIS/NA MW and ARLIS/NA and live in the Mountain West region (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming). 

For application instructions and additional details, please visit the Winberta Yao Travel Award webpage at:

For further conference details, please visit the conference website at:

Applications are due by 9am MST on Monday, February 27, 2023.

For information/inquiries, contact:

Winberta Yao Travel Award Committee, ARLIS/NA MW Chapter

Shoshana Vegh-Gaynor,

Rachel Castro,

ARLIS/Southern California Chapter Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award

Dear ARLIS/Southern California colleagues,

On behalf of the ARLIS/NA Southern California Chapter we are delighted to announce the 2023 Chapter travel awards for the 51st Annual Conference in Mexico City from 4/18 – 4/21. This year the Chapter is offering 1 award for $700. 

The application deadline for the award is Monday, February 27, 2023.  It is open to students, staff, and professionals at all levels.

ARLIS/Southern California Chapter Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award

This award honors the Chapter’s founder, Judith A. Hoffberg (1934-2009). $700 will be granted to the award recipient.


Membership: Applicants must be members in good standing of both ARLIS/NA and the Southern California Chapter.

Financial need: Only applicants who receive partial or no institutional funds towards conference attendance will be considered. Eligible applicants may include current board members.

Selection will be weighted toward those applicants who best fulfill the following guidelines:

Are attending the ARLIS/NA annual conference for the first time,

Are actively participating in the conference in such roles as speaker, moderator, recorder, workshop attendee, etc.

Conditions of the award: Award winner must commit to some level of conference participation such as workshop attendee, speaker, recorder, hospitality desk volunteer, etc.

Award winner must submit a written conference report for publication in Canvas, the Chapter newsletter.

This report will include an account of the recipient’s personal conference experiences and how the award contributed to their professional development.

Letters of application are due by Monday, February 27, 2023.

Recipients will be notified by Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Winners must confirm in writing that they are able to meet the requirements of conference attendance.

Please reach out to the ARLIS/NA SoCal Travel Committee members with any questions: Amy Ciccone ( and Laura Darlington (

ARLIS/NA Southeast Professional Development Award

Apply for the ARLIS/NA Southeast Professional Development Award!

  • Are you an art librarian or library student living in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands territory?
  • Are you hoping to attend the 51st  ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, April 18-21, 2023?
  • Are you looking forward to a regional ARLIS meeting, international ARLIS conference, or another professional development opportunity sponsored by the Art Libraries Society?

To encourage the professional development of our members, the Art Libraries Society of North America Southeast Chapter (ARLIS/NA-SE) will sponsor one $700 (USD) award for the strongest applicant to participate in an ARLIS-related professional development event or activity. Please see below for eligibility and required duties of the award recipient.

To apply, complete the online application form by 11:55 pm EST Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The recipient will be notified by February 27th, in order to catch the early registration rate ending March 6th. All applicants will be notified regardless of outcome.


The purpose of this award is to cultivate a talented, dedicated, and educated group of professionals for the ARLIS/NA organization as well as the ARLIS/NA-SE chapter. Funds from this award may be used to defray expenses associated with professional development activities at an annual ARLIS/NA conference, ARLIS regional meeting, or other ARLIS-sponsored professional development activity


Any individual meeting these criteria may apply for the award; however first-time applicants are given preference:

  • Currently resides in the geographic area served by the ARLIS/NA-SE chapter (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).
  • Membership in ARLIS/NA-SE and ARLIS/NA at the time of application is not required, although preference will be given to current ARLIS/NA-SE members.
  • Currently be either employed in the field of art librarianship and/or visual resources curatorship, or enrolled in an educational program leading to a graduate degree in librarianship.
  • Current students, individuals beginning their professional career within the field of Art Information in the past five years, and paraprofessionals who are becoming active in ARLIS/NA or ARLIS/SE for the first time may be included.
  • Recipients of the award may not reapply in future years.

Award Recipient Duties

The Professional Development Award recipient is expected to:

  • Attend an event (such as a conference) or activity (such as a professional development training or institute) sponsored by ARLIS. The event or activity may be in person or virtual.
  • If attending the ARLIS/NA Conference:
    • Participate in the ARLIS/NA Conference Networking program (if they have not previously done so).
    • Attend the ARLIS/NA-SE Chapter meeting at the annual ARLIS/NA conference.
  • For any professional development event or activity:
    • Submit a written report on his or her conference activities within one month of completion. The report should be submitted to the ARLIS/NA-SE webmaster to be posted to the ARLIS/NA-SE webpage and to the ARTifacts Editor for inclusion in our chapter newsletter.
    • Serve on the 2024 Professional Development Travel Award Committee and subsequently chair the committee in 2025. 

Previous Award Winners

Delmas Foundation Funding for ARLIS/NA 2023 Conference Attendance in Mexico City

Announcing conference attendance grants for attendees from Latin America, student members, and first-time attendees! 

The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation* has very generously provided ARLIS/NA with a grant of $12,000 to support attendance at the Society’s upcoming Mexico City conference. We will be offering sixteen awards of $750 each to applicants who are attendees from Latin America, student members, or first-time attendees.  

If you are a first-time attendee, a student member, or if you live and work in Latin America, we invite you to submit a request for travel support.  We will be accepting applications through February 22nd, but the awards will be dispersed on a rolling basis.  We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.  

To be considered for a Delmas Foundation grant award, fill out this form.

If you have questions, contact Rebecca Price:


Paid Internship – Contemporary Indigenous Art – Summer 2023

Paid internship opportunity with Harvard Library.

Tozzer Anthropology Library and the Fine Arts Library will host a student in the summer of 2023 as part of our commitment to diversify the collections and provide learning opportunities to students. The student will be part of a larger cohort working on EDIBA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Anti-Racism) projects across Harvard Library.

The Contemporary Indigenous Art Internship is centered on increasing representation of contemporary Indigenous art of North America within the research collections of both libraries.  Through this experience the intern would also get to engage in complex issues such decolonizing library spaces through collections work.

Please note that the Application Deadline is February 28.

Housing will be provided, as well as a stipend and transportation costs. Full details can be found at the link below:

Call for Proposals: New Voices in the Profession Session in Mexico City

Hello ARLISNA Students and New Professionals!

The Professional Development Committee and ArLiSNAP invite proposals from students and new professionals for the annual New Voices in the Profession panel to be held at the 51st annual ARLIS/NA conference in Mexico City.

New Voices in the Profession provides professionals new to art librarianship or visual resources the opportunity to present topics from exceptional coursework, such as a master’s thesis, or topics with which they are engaged early in their professional life. New professionals are defined as either students in MLIS or Master’s programs leading to a career in art librarianship or visual resources, or those within five years of Master’s level study.

This year we are pleased to present New Voices as a hybrid session so that panelists can present their work to the widest possible audience. Interested panelists should note that they will be required to present in person in Mexico City, and that translation services will be available for those who prefer to present in Spanish. The session is currently scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 19 at 2 p.m. CDT.

To see papers presented in past sessions, please view conference proceedings from previous years on the ARLIS/NA website ( Papers will be selected by representatives from ArLiSNAP and the ARLIS/NA Professional Development Committee in a blinded review process.

Submissions to New Voices should include a title for the presentation, a 250 word abstract, and details regarding the submitter’s title and institutional affiliation, and should be sent to PDC chair Courtney Hunt at by Friday, February 17.

ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Travel Award – William C. Bunce Travel Award

On behalf of the ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter Travel Award Committee, we are pleased to offer the William C. Bunce Travel Award to one member to cover conference fees up to $600 for attending the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Mexico City from April 18-21, 2023.

This award is given in honor of William C. Bunce, who served as the Director of the Kohler Art Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1966 to 1999. The William C. Bunce ARLIS/NA-Midstates Travel Award is intended to support a Midstates chapter member’s professional development by providing funding to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conference.

Only ARLIS/NA-Midstates Chapter members are eligible. Information about becoming a member of ARLIS/NA and the regional chapter is available at the ARLIS/NA website and the ARLIS/NA-Midstates Chapter website.

This Award will be granted based on one or more of the following criteria:

●   financial need

●   level of chapter participation

●   first-time conference attendance

●   contribution to the conference

To apply for this award, please submit a brief letter (400 words or less) addressing relevant award criteria and how you will benefit from attending the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, along with a current resume or CV, via this Google form.

The application deadline is February 12th, 2023 at midnight CST. The recipient will be notified by the end of February to receive the award in advance of the early rate registration deadline for the conference. The recipient must confirm in writing that they will be able to use the award for conference attendance. Recipients are ineligible to apply again for three years.

 After receiving the award, the recipient must submit a short report indicating the value of the award to their professional development. Additionally, recipients also serve on the Travel Award Committee the following year.

If you have any issues accessing or submitting the application form, or have any questions about the award, please contact committee chair Becca Pad at


William C. Bunce Travel Award 2023 Committee