In Chaun’s Words: What It Means to be a ArLiSNAP Co-Mod

Hello friends! As the outgoing Co-Moderator for 2020-2022, I wanted to take some time to express how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of ArLiSNAP. Being a Co-Moderator of the Art Library Society of North America’s Students and New Professionals section (ArLiSNAP) has been a rewarding and empowering experience within the organization for me. As a Co-Mod, I’ve been able to better understand how to be a leader, what my personal values are, and what those of the society as a whole are. I’ve also met a plethora of amazing people willing to provide insights and knowledge that has certainly benefited and allowed me to be more comfortable on my career path. Co-Mods are able to support the activities of other volunteers and incorporate their learning objectives and research or experiences into the the goals of the section and society as a whole (just like all the other volunteers in ArLiSNAP!) I want to offer anyone considering running for this position some of the advice that I was offered as a new Co-Mod so the doubt is cleared, because we’ve all got the potential to lead!

Friendly, Unsolicited Advice!

  • You’re going to wonder what you’re doing. That’s okay. The other volunteers are here to assist you and make sure you’re in the loop. 
  • You’re going to want to be a part of everything, but you don’t have to be. You get to make decisions and your Co-Mod will have your back on them or reel you in when need be, lol. 
  • You’re going to learn a lot about leadership and camaraderie. You’re going to do amazing things! Get out there!

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