ARLIS/NA Conference Support Tips: Self-Care

The 49th ARLIS/NA Virtual Annual Conference begins tomorrow! While we are all very excited for every speaker, event, session, and panel, it is important to maintain your wellness so you can take advantage of all the conference has to offer. In the below tips, we offer ideas on how to avoid potential mental, physical, and emotional burn-out from an all-day conference.

  • Stretch often! Set a timer for every 45 min, and try to get up and move when it goes off! Check out these helpful desk stretches here
  • If you don’t have allergies, keeping peppermint essential oil nearby is a great pick me up!
  • Take breaks to pet your pets. If you have no pets, take breaks to look at photos of other people’s pets!
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure to keep snacks handy! Even at a virtual conference, it’s easy to get sucked into the content and forget to give your body the nutrients it needs to focus and thrive.
  • Plan your day in advance by creating an agenda to balance your work/school and conference sessions; if you have limited time, prioritize the sessions you think you will learn the most from.
  • Keep a virtual note-taking document nearby so you can quickly copy and paste resources that are shared in the webinar chats!
  • Create a comfortable workstation from which to attend the conference.
  • If you are prone to headaches, be sure to take a rest from your computer screen during the conference breaks.

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