Meet the ARLIS/NA SIGs Series: Management SIG

Co-Coordinators: Caitlin Kilgallen

Meet the ARLIS/NA SIGS: An ArLiSNAP blog series introducing you to the ARLIS special interest groups

How can students and new professionals get involved in your SIG? And/or are there any projects in progress that need support they can provide?

Students and new professionals are very welcome to join the SIG. The most urgent support I need right now is a co-chair(s). I put out a call on the ARLIS listserv earlier in the pandemic but received no offers. I plan on doing that again very soon. Now that we are a little more adjusted to the situation, I hope this time I will get more volunteers (or at least one!) No one should feel intimidated or hesitant to join or co-chair. The entire genesis of the Management SIG was that as librarians we often do not have explicit management skills training or support.

What actions has your group taken to adapt to remote community engagement? What has worked well? What lessons have you learned?

The Management SIG is in its infancy. So in a way that’s an opportunity. We can launch fresh.

From your perspective, what are actions that can be taken within your SIG and the broader field of art information in order to examine the lack of diversity and develop networks of support for communities of color and specifically Black information professionals?

The Management SIG has great potential. Based on queries of the members it was determined that our most useful mission would be to sponsor programming at conferences. I still think this is a solid plan as there is ample opportunity.

How did you first hear about/join your SIG?

Heather Slania (MICA) and I were new directors meeting with AICAD library directors at the 2018 conference in New Orleans. It was Heather’s idea to form a SIG to support the dearth of training with regard to management skills.

What are the main topics of conversation for your SIG right now? Has there been any unexpected or fruitful conversation in the past year?

Heather and I had done some initial engagement with the group with regards to preferred communication mode and it was determined that the members felt more comfortable talking about potentially sensitive topics where privacy might be a concern in person. Right now we need to re-query the members and establish the best way to have those fruitful conversations.

How has this SIG enhanced your professional life?

Since we are new and missed an opportunity to engage in person at this year’s conference, we are all potential at this point!

How can we get connected with or learn more about your SIG? (primary platform for sharing, etc.)

The previous survey determined that members do not have the bandwidth to engage another platform such as a Slack channel or a listserve. There were also concerns about privacy. So Heather and I determined that the best way to engage was to sponsor programming at Fall 2020 ArLiSNAP SIG Questions conferences. Once I can establish co-leadership, we can reach out to the group and re-establish communication and goals. In the meantime, look out for that call for co-chairing on the ARLIS listserv, and please volunteer!

What is an emerging trend you see happening in your particular area of interest?

● Engaging marginalized voices

● Supporting BIPOC employees

● Establishing equitable hiring practices

How have the members of your SIG been contributing to their field of practice or study in that area?

This is something definitely worth exploring as I am sure there have been contributions.

As you look ahead, what are your goals, vision, or dreams for your SIG for the next year?

● Determine a co-chair to help brainstorm and collaborate with the workload

● Create a clearinghouse for management topics by voices within and beyond our field

● Look for programming opportunities for future conferences

● Query the membership for communication preferences and engagement opportunities

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