Write for ArLiSNAP: End-of-Year Wellness Wrap-up

To all our loyal ArLiSNAP members, we welcome you to the end of 2020, a hectic year for our profession. The unprecedented pandemic has affected librarians at every career level, but for new librarians, students, and prospective librarians, it has been especially difficult. Job hunting has grown more complicated, and closings have left institutions bereft of funds to hire new librarians. School has moved to an online format, leaving students in a strange world of screen fatigue, balancing home and work lives in a new hybrid environment.

For the end of 2020 the ArLiSNAP blog will focus on Wellness and Mental Health for new librarians. Through the end of the year we will be posting resources and guest articles focused on the more personal complications of being a librarian in a rapidly changing world.

We would like to invite anyone interested in the library field (including students, professional librarians, library interns & volunteers, and prospective librarians) to share your stories of the past year. Do you have tips for how to balance work and life while working from home? Did you manage the stress of a job interview while learning how to use Zoom? How did you stay social with other librarians while in quarantine?

Please write to our blog editors with interest in writing a guest post for us. We are happy to guide you through the process.

Sarah Bilotta, co-editor
Melanie Zerah, co-editor

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