Dispatches from our volunteers, pt. 4

Hi ArLiSNAPpers, and welome back to our recurring COVID-19 series.

Given that all of us are living in an unprecedented situation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we’d change up our blog posts to let you hear from our volunteers. You all know that we like to provide pertinent job hunting and career advice, but we are also here for that gentle content during these stressful times!

All of us are students and new professionals, so our work, school, and home lives are in a constant state of change, and we are all in various stages of social distancing, quarantining, or generally working from home (whatever that means). In the interest of connecting with each other and connecting with all of you, I prepared a few questions for our volunteers to answer about their COVID-19 sitch!

Every Wednesday and Friday, you’ll hear from two to three of our volunteers about their WFH set up with corresponding content on our Instagram! We’ll be showing you our home offices and workspaces á la Cribs so that you can see where the real magic happens.

Stay well, and remember: turn the page, wash your hands,

Michele Jennings
2018-2020 ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator

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Alex O’Keefe (co-moderator)

Describe your current learning/working situation in five words: My routine will save me….

What’s been the biggest challenge?: Separation of space when working / not working. I’m normally a big proponent of using different spaces for different activities (work, creative time, sleep, etc.) I just moved for a new job in January and (long story short) I haven’t moved my desk setup from my hometown. Using the same chair and table for work / creative time has proven cognitively problematic. My couch is no good for creative time – but has been good for weekend relaxing, haha.

Have there been any unexpected issues or opportunities that have come of this?: I’ve certainly been focusing on opportunities to stay positive, and I think helping share eResources and how to access them with art faculty and students will be a big opportunity to expand their view of what libraries have to offer them and how they can continue to use those tools in the future. It’s also an exciting time to experiment with myriad opportunities for virtual liaisoning / programming / outreach. 

Name one non-work related activity you’ve been able to get to that you otherwise might not have?: Well I’ve been using it to replace my morning commute time, but I’ve always wanted to do a 30 day yoga challenge! It’s been a nice way to start my day and keep my body from feeling stiff after days of, shall we say, ‘ergonomically problematic’ working.

Lauren Haberstock (conference planning liaison)

Describe your current learning/working situation in five words: Stay fluid. Watch every webinar.

What’s been the biggest challenge?: I recently started in my position at an academic library (beginning of February) and I am still learning my role. Now, I find myself learning how to do this new work in a new situation. I am learning to seek advice and reach out when I am overwhelmed or do not know what is expected of me. 

Have there been any unexpected issues or opportunities that have come of this?: My team has made the leap into using Slack and our humor channel has provided an opportunity to share laughs and bond virtually. I have also been able to meet all of my coworkers’ pets in our various Zoom meetings!

Name one non-work related activity you’ve been able to get to that you otherwise might not have?: My roommates and I are hitting the puzzle game hard! A few friends and I have set up virtual game nights and I am actually making time to play music. I also make sure I take a walk every day either at lunch or after work – it certainly doesn’t hurt that I live within walking distance of the beach!

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