Dispatches from our volunteers, pt. 2

Hi ArLiSNAPpers,

Given that all of us are living in an unprecedented situation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we’d change up our blog posts to let you hear from our volunteers. You all know that we like to provide pertinent job hunting and career advice, but we are also here for that gentle content during these stressful times!

All of us are students and new professionals, so our work, school, and home lives are in a constant state of change, and we are all in various stages of social distancing, quarantining, or generally working from home (whatever that means). In the interest of connecting with each other and connecting with all of you, I prepared a few questions for our volunteers to answer about their COVID-19 sitch!

Every Wednesday and Friday, you’ll hear from two to three of our volunteers about their WFH set up with corresponding content on our Instagram! We’ll be showing you our home offices and workspaces á la Cribs so that you can see where the real magic happens.

Stay well, and remember: turn the page, wash your hands,

Michele Jennings
2018-2020 ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator

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Courtney Hunt (blog editor)

Describe your current learning/working situation in five words: Home, distractions, spurts, Zoom, news

What’s been the biggest challenge?: Honestly, the biggest challenge hasn’t even been that my toddler is home (which is a challenge), because my husband is also home from work, and we’ve been switching off taking care of him. It’s been that I’m so distracted with the news. I try not to look but it’s impossible. It occurs to me that this would be the biggest challenge in the office, too, so it’s not tied to being at home really. The toddler being home definitely limits my daytime work hours, though, so still a challenge. 

Have there been any unexpected issues or opportunities that have come of this?: There’s an opportunity to take time for projects I’ve been putting off while in the office and surrounded by people and the collections – I’ve been working on Libguides and making sure that everyone in the departments I liaise to are aware of library services available to them virtually. Also an opportunity to dig into digital materials available for users. I keep getting emails from students that they can’t access their holds (because we are closed), so I’ve been working to try and order ebooks that can fill their needs instead.

Issues: We just got the directive to stop ordering physical materials until further notice so that our tech services team can also work remotely (won’t need to be there to receive and process materials), and I have quite a bit of budget left to spend. So, I’ve been selecting and putting things in folders instead to get ahead of it until we can actually order again. 

Name one non-work related activity you’ve been able to get to that you otherwise might not have?: Eating more at home??? We usually order delivery at least once or twice a week, but have been worried about ordering prepared food at the moment. I would say learning macrame but I’m trying to find a source for rope that isn’t Amazon. Feel free to hmu with suggestions!

Hilary Wang (conference planning liaison)

Describe your current learning/working situation in five words: Constant cat in a lap.

What’s been the biggest challenge?: I’m currently on spring break for graduate school for a LIS degree and the program is in flux while professors adjust their courses to online for the rest of the semester. So one of the biggest challenges has been trying to balance this actual “time off from school”  with trying to prepare for a major life/work transition to remote. 

Have there been any unexpected issues or opportunities that have come of this?: It’s time to figure out why my laptop camera won’t participate in Google hangouts! 

Name one non-work related activity you’ve been able to get to that you otherwise might not have?: Because I’m no longer commuting for school and work I have acquired more time to sit down and knit for longer periods of time without feeling guilty!

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