Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award

Provides support for students preparing for art or architecture librarianship or visual resources curatorship.

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) accepts applications for its annual Internship Award each fall. This award provides financial support for students preparing for a career in art or architecture librarianship or visual resources curatorship via a grant of $3,000.00 to support a 150-hour internship in an art or architecture related setting such as a library, archive, or visual resources collection.


Who May Apply

This internship aims to represent the multifaceted nature of our field by providing internship opportunities to students currently enrolled in, or having completed within the last 12 months, a graduate program in library science, art history, architectural history, architecture, studio art, or museum studies.

Internship Description

One Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship is awarded per year. Once an award recipient has been selected, he or she will select an institution to act as host for the internship. This institution must be approved by the ARLIS/NA Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award Subcommittee. ARLIS/NA is not responsible for matching candidates with a host institution, but will gladly assist with the process. (See Host Institutions.) The award cannot be used for an internship that is already in progress.

This Internship Award will be granted during 2020. The intern is required to work on site at their chosen host institution for a minimum of 150 hours. In all cases the internship must be completed within twelve months of the recipient being notified of the award.

The intern will write a brief report of the internship experience at the conclusion of the internship.

The Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award will provide a stipend of $3,000.00 to the intern. Half of the award will be granted prior to the internship, with the remainder granted upon completion of the internship and receipt of a letter to the Chair of the Internship Award Subcommittee signed by the Internship supervisor and intern stating the 150 hours have been completed. The award recipient will also receive a one-year membership in ARLIS/NA at the student level. Interns may have the option of receiving academic credit for the internship as part of graduate study, but will be responsible for making those arrangements.


  • December 9, 2019: Deadline for submission of applications to the Student Advancement Awards Subcommittee.
  • January 10, 2020: Applicants notified of award results.

Deadline for submission of evaluation forms and documents by intern and host institution will be within 30 days of the completion of the internship.

How to Apply

To apply for the award, please submit the following:

  1. A current résumé.
  2. A current transcript in PDF format [this does not need to be issued directly from the institution].
  3. The names of two professional or scholastic references with addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  4. An essay of up to 900 words addressing your skills, background, and expectations of the internship experience—including the type of institution you are interested in as well as potential project ideas. The essay should also address the following questions:
    • What are your professional goals and how do your plans for the experience funded by the ARLIS/NA Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award fit into your career path?  In particular, how do you imagine this internship experience to be different than previous internship or work experiences?
    • This award funds a one-year membership in ARLIS/NA. How do you see yourself participating in ARLIS/NA, or another professional organization, in your future professional life?
    • If granted the internship award, when do you plan to fulfill it?

Application materials in PDF format should be emailed to:

Courtenay McLeland 
Chair, Student Advancement Awards Subcommittee
Phone: +1 904-620-5550
Email: d.c.mcleland@unf.edu

Host Institutions

A selected list of host institutions is available via the ARLIS/NA Internship Roster. The choice of host institutions is flexible and not limited to those in the Roster.

(Note to potential host institutions: You may add your information to the ARLIS/NA Internship Roster by completing the Internship Roster Form.)

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the Subcommittee Chair:

Courtenay McLeland
Phone: +1 904-620-5550
Email: d.c.mcleland@unf.edu

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