Welcome Our New ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator, Alex O’Keefe!

Please join me in welcoming our new Co-Moderator for 2019-2021, Alex O’Keefe!

Hi ArLiSNAPpers! To say I’m excited to serve as your co-moderator for the 2019-21 term is truly an understatement. I have been volunteering with ArLiSNAP since spring 2017 as the United States Chapter Liaison. Over time I was fortunate enough to collaborate with other volunteers such as the current Canadian Liaison, Angelique Roy, to brainstorm together and create documentation about that role. It is my hope that we can foster similar connections amongst the volunteers in the coming years to make a stronger ArLiSNAP leadership network. More than that, though, I hope to help ArLiSNAP find ways to cultivate a stronger community amongst students and new professionals. We’re all in need of guidance and support, and ArLiSNAP has been an amazing space for that. Finding new opportunities for participation is my primary goal, and I’m excited to collaborate with my fellow Co-Moderator, Michele Jennings, this year!

I am also a new professional, having completed the 2018-19 Kress Fellowship in Art Librarianship at Yale University in April 2019. In that role I had the fortune to explore academic libraries, museum libraries, and special collections duties. I came out the other side with a strong desire to work with the public, outreach, and data (which often don’t all intermix). I am now serving as the Digital Arts Project Librarian at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, where I’ll be continuing my work with Ensemble@Yale: http://ensemble.yale.edu/#/. This crowdsourced transcription project working with historical Yale theater programs has perfectly combined my three areas of interest, and I’m elated to continue my work on it in the coming year.

Outside of work and ArLiSNAP, I am an artist who primarily works in black and white ink drawings (but explores digital color projects and bookmaking when there’s time). My artistic interests are graphic novels, illustrations, book arts, and drawing broadly. I also spend creative time working on needlecrafts (cross-stitching, specifically, but I have a goal to learn basic embroidery this year!). These being my classy endeavors, I also enjoy binge-watching almost anything (with rare interruptions for hiking). If you love comics, graphic novels, cartoons, or anything else I’ve mentioned – feel free to reach out anytime!

I can’t wait to serve the ArLiSNAP community as the Co-Moderator and welcome any ideas via email or our Slack account.

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