Please welcome our new Student Liaison: Kristina Bush!

I am excited to be joining ArLiSNAP as the Student Liaison. I am about to graduate in May 2019 with my MLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While earning my degree, I have been working at the Sloane Art Library.

My first ARLIS conference was this past March in Salt Lake City. I felt so welcomed by the ArLiSNAP community and really appreciated all the tips for handling my first big national conference. I hope that as Student Liaison I will be able to help other students get involved and feel comfortable coming to next year’s ARLIS conference.

I love art and museum libraries and have loved working with art department students in my time at UNC. One of my favorite projects that I did at Sloane was an assessment of the artists’ books collection – I got to look at every book in the collection! I’m sad to be leaving the art library, but I am so happy that I will be able to continue working with art librarians as part of ArLiSNAP.

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