Introducing your new Chapter Liaison, Alex O’Keefe!

Please give a warm round of ArLiSNAPs to our new Chapter Liaison, Alex O’Keefe!

I was so excited to meet members of the ArLiSNAP community at the most recent ARLIS/NA conference in New Orleans, and was moreso excited when I heard there were volunteer opportunities available. Having an interest in both providing for this group and learning more about the ARLIS/NA chapters, I can’t wait to begin my duties as the ArLiSNAP Chapter Liaison. Currently I am a graduate student earning my MLS from the University of Kentucky. I’ve focused my studies around Art Librarianship as much as possible, and recently completed an internship at the Margaret M. Bridwell Art Library at the University of Louisville where we created a new online Artists’ Books Index. Artists’ books are one of the passions that fueled my choice of the library field, and it was a joy to work with them for an entire summer. My studies are now geared toward digital access in relation to art libraries as a result of that project.

As the ArLiSNAP Chapter Liaison, I hope to connect our network to all the chapters in ARLIS/NA, to help facilitate collaboration and participation in events being hosted by those groups. I know I have taken advantage of virtual webinars and conferences hosted by chapters outside of my region, and I hope I can provide everyone in ArLiSNAP connections to opportunities such as those! I encourage anyone who participates in one of the many great chapters in ARLIS/NA to reach out to me if they have ideas or questions along the way.

Outside of closely following the ArLiSNAP social media and blog in my free time, I am an artist concentrating in graphic novels, illustration, book arts, and ink drawing. I’m currently working on a short comic for the local Louisville Cartoonist Society anthology, while juggling my full-time job and graduate course work. During my short breaks from work and school, I also enjoy needle crafts (specifically cross-stitching) and binge-watching anything from cartoons to dramatic miniseries. Love comics, cartoons, or anything else above? Feel free to reach out!

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