2016 ArLiSNAP/VREPS Virtual Conference Program

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal! We are pleased to announce that in addition to a keynote speech by Sara Rubinow with NYPL Labs, the program for our 2016 Virtual Conference will include the following presentations:

Megan de Armond and Audrey Lorberfeld, Pratt Institute, “Web Archiving with NYARC”

Hannah Marshall, Cornell University, “The Cornell Collection of Antiquities”

Melissa Coulston, University of South Carolina Upstate, “Leveraging Flickr for Digital Image Management and Social Media Outreach”

Gabriella Karl-Johnson, Princeton University, “The Gritty Details behind a Great Geo-Discovery Interface (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Querying the New York City Geoclient API)”

Jacquelyn Clements, University of Toronto, “New Directions for Digital Research at the University of Toronto, Department of Art”


In Sara Rubinow’s keynote speech, she will discuss her role at NYPL Labs and showcase initiatives intended to engage developers, scholars, artists, and the general public in exploring—and transforming—NYPL’s digital resources and open data sets.

The virtual conference will be May 21st, at 12pm CST.

Stay tuned for registration information!

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