Welcome the new ArLiSNAP co-moderator Courtney Baron!

Please join me in welcoming the new ArLiSNAP co-moderator, Courtney Baron!

courtneyHi, I’m Courtney Baron and I’m thrilled to serve ArLiSNAP as a Co-Moderator along with Tiffany Saulter. I am the Director of Visual Resources at the University of Georgia and I completed my MLIS from Valdosta State University in May 2015. My educational background is in Classical Art and Archaeology.

I have been a part of ArLiSNAP since fall 2013 as a Discussion Liaison, and until recently I served as the Managing Editor of Hack Library School so managing a blog and a community of library students is second nature to me. As Managing Editor of HLS, I facilitated guest posts, scheduled monthly writer posts, and worked on special projects, such as Digital Humanities Week or HLS Day in the Life. I would really love to continue working in this capacity with a focus on arts and humanities librarianship in ArLiSNAP. Some of the projects we worked on at Hack Library School that I can see working well in ArLiSNAP include Student/New Professional Day in the Life and establishing book and technology reviews. Reviews are invaluable to librarians, and we are lucky that ARLIS/NA makes it so easy for us to contribute these, but writing reviews takes time and a particular skill set. I think ArLiSNAP is a great way to practice professional reviews as well as review resources that are not featured in the official ARLIS/NA reviews. Some of my favorite posts on ArLiSNAP are more personal; for example, an overview of conference experiences or a major project, or interviews with more seasoned professionals. I also enjoy the educational or informative posts. I would like to encourage more of these posts on the blog in addition to probably the most popular – JOBS! As a former INALJ volunteer (I managed the Georgia page in 2013-2014), I know how important a repository of jobs is to our community, so I wonder if we can partner with INALJ or improve this aspect in some way.

I was one of the presenters who participated in the ArLiSNAP/VREPS webinar in January 2015. This webinar was absolutely fantastic – not only did it provide a (free!) way for students and new professionals to gain presentation experience, but it also served to foster a relationship between ArLiSNAP and VREPS. Considering 2016 is a joint conference with ARLIS/NA and VRA in Seattle, this connection is more important now than ever before and is something that I would be very much interested in continuing to develop. I hope that we can continue to plan annual webinars, and I would also love to see ArLiSNAP coordinate a weekly or monthly Twitter chat, virtual meet-ups, and other ways of connecting with one another. This will also help us connect with the international community of art librarians.

If you have any suggestions on ways that we can improve ArLiSNAP, please let us know. I’m excited to get started!

Thank you!

Courtney Baron


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