Job Posting: Manager – Photo Archive, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown NY


Responsible for the management and administration of all activities related to the Photo Archive, help shape and enforce policies regarding use of the archive, manage preservation and maintenance activities related to the Photo Archive, coordinate with other departments regarding image collections, assist in content creation of museum programs and publications.


• Supervise the processing, arrangement and description, cataloging, research and documentation of the Photo Archive
• Supervise the care and preservation of material in the Photo Archive, including storage, housing and conservation
• Coordinate activities with Director of Digital Strategy related to the digitization of material in the Photo Archive
• Serve as liaison with potential collection donors and sports photographers who have been granted special client status
• Assist Library Director in managing Photo Archive revenue and expense activities
• Supervise rights and reproductions activities
• Promote the Photo Archive through online and print publications
• Coordinates and oversees production of graphics and exhibit furniture (in-house or contracted)
• Coordinate with other departments involved with the creation of photographic or digital images to ensure their appropriate addition to the Photo Archive
• Assist in the curating and interpretation of material from the Photo Archive being used in exhibitions, website activities, and related educational programs


• Assist in the creation of unique content (research, writing and editing) for use at the institution’s web site, publication programs (magazine, yearbook, press releases, etc.), retail projects (books, documentaries, merchandise, etc.), and other similar activities
• Maintain physical appearance and good order of the Photo Archive
• Participate in library and museum public programs
• Participate in the acquisition of new material for the archival, library and museum collections
• Assist in grant writing and fund raising activities
• Assist in institution sponsored events (including HOF Induction and HOF Classic weekends) as needed
• Other related duties as assigned.



M.L.S. or related degree from an accredited institution


4-6 years of relevant library or archival experience


Knowledge of photo archive operations and library technical/digitization systems, knowledge of baseball history and history of photography preferred, strong communication skills, familiarity with library database software, Photoshop, Microsoft Office


Requires excellent eyesight, with or without corrective lens. Must be able to lift 40 lbs. Some bending and lifting.


Computer, scanner, photograph printer, photocopier, fax, microfilm

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