Job Posting: Collections Curator and Research Centre Manager, Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto

This job sits at the far end of the experience range for ArLiSNAP readers, but I thought I’d post it regardless. It would be a great opportunity, and maybe you just want to see what a dream job looks like….

The Collections Curator and Research Centre Manager Role

The Collections Curator and Research Centre Manager is responsible for overseeing the Ryerson Image Centre’s collection of photographs and archival holdings, including the acquisition, management, access and use of the collection. This role also includes administration of the Research Centre, including strategic planning, financial oversight, fundraising, and human resources. The incumbent provides access, guidance and support to collection users, including Ryerson faculty and students, as well as visiting and inquiring scholars, curators, artists and other researchers. In addition, the Collections Curator and Research Centre Manager organizes exhibitions drawn from the permanent collection.


  • Masters Degree, with specialization in one of the following areas of scholarship: Art History, with emphasis in the history of photography or modern and contemporary art; History, with a specialization in 19th or 20th century North American or European studies; Visual Culture or Image Studies, with a specialization in photography; or Information Studies/Collections Management (or the equivalent), with emphasis on management of visual collections.
  • Minimum of five years of relevant experience managing visual collections in a public gallery/museum, university library/archives, or specialized departmental setting. Must have institutional experience with acquisitions of artwork, organization and management of archives, circulation of collections, personnel management, fundraising, as well as a proven track record of scholarly research and publication.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of art history and cultural theory, with specialization in photography or modern and contemporary arts
  • Proven knowledge of the disparate aspects of collection and exhibition curation.
  • Established research skills; interpersonal skills; oral and written communications skills in order to successfully engage in public relations, publications, grant writing, Cultural Property defenses, etc.
  • Ability to determine the appropriateness of potential donations/acquisitions.
  • Familiarity with gifting procedures relating to the donation of artworks.
  • Supervisory and managerial experience related to staff oversight, fundraising, event coordination, budget and facilities management.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize complex data and research information.
  • Experience in ensuring collection accessibility and ability to exhibit knowledge of preservation methodologies.
  • Possess familiarity of technical production or display equipment related to the RIC’s collections and knowledge of basic environmental instrumentation technology.
  • Able to work collaboratively as part of a team.

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