Job Posting: Film Digitization Specialist, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive

Position Title: Film Digitization Specialist

Institution: IULMIA, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive

How to apply:   Job Number is 15270

Position Description: Prepares the university’s motion picture film collections for large-scale digitization. Creates and manages the inventory of motion picture film collections by analyzing, normalizing and merging records from multiple, non-uniform databases and spreadsheets. Creates new records for non-described films. Establishes standards and procedures to create a single complete inventory. Determines best copies of IU Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) 100,000+ films (which comprise 90% of the university’s film holdings,) for digitization. Develops methodologies for prioritizing films for high-level or medium-level digitization. Analyzes data on the physical condition, copyright status, and rarity of individual titles and collections to develop digitization workflows. Develops strategies for inventorying, prioritizing and evaluating motion picture film holdings of non-library units. When launched, assumes a project manager role in the implementation of the campus-level Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative’s film digitization project. Hire, train and supervise temporary employees.


Applicant Requirements: Master’s degree in Library Science or moving image archiving relevant discipline, or a bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline plus advanced certificate in moving image archiving and preservation.  Two years’ experience in film and media preservation required.  Required: Demonstrated knowledge of the history of film technology. Expert knowledge of handling, inspecting, repairing, and identifying motion picture film (35mm, 16mm, 8mm and super 8). Knowledge of basic metadata and cataloging schema for moving image material. In-depth knowledge of film reservation options and strategies. Knowledge of film digitization procedures, workflow, equipment. Demonstrated ability to work independently and analyze complex data. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of colleagues to develop sustainable long-term solutions and systems. Ability to analyze and apply metadata and cataloging schema for moving image collections. Ability to design and implement complex workflows in an archival setting. Database design skills. Ability to lift up to 25 pounds on a regular basis and up to 50 pounds on occasion while moving film cans and, occasionally moving large boxes containing new film collections, and other physical activities related to moving and inspecting archival media, including hand rewinding films, occasionally splicing films and inspecting film. Supervisory experience and project management experience preferred.

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