Back to School 2015: Welcome to the new ArLiSNAP!

Fresh new look, same great resource!

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Last year we compiled some of our best advice and discussion articles for students embarking on their first or second years of their MLISes. Rather than recap that, I’ll just add some of the new great stuff we’ve published in the past year:

Courtney Baron rejoined our editorial team with a great feature on how to turn your degree toward a Visual Resources focus.

Hannah Marshall tackled visual arts research data management, an emerging field you might be interested in.

Similarly, Sarah Seymore explored some of the questions around digital stewardship for art librarians.

I went in another direction, discussing the meeting points of art and law.

We profiled a ton of new and established practitioners in our field:
Mackenzie Salisbury, Sheila Cork, Ashley Peterson, Lindsey Reynolds, Erinn Paige and Laura Damon-Moore, Kim Collins, and Claire Kennedy.

I ran a rather wordy three-part story about publishing my first peer-reviewed article.

I also wrote some thoughts six months after I graduated, about what has been sustaining me in the field. It’s never too early to think about what you’ll be doing after graduating!

It’s also never too early to think about joining ArLiSNAP as a volunteer….

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