Job Postings: Archives Assistant (PT), Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Part-time Archives Assistant position at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts seeks a part-time wage Archive Assistant for the Imaging Resources Department. The position will catalogue and process digital and analog image archive materials. Additionally, this position will aid in the distribution of image materials; maintain the organization and archival care of physical image assets; assist with limited rights and reproduction services; perform independent digitization projects; and assist staff photographers with studio digitization projects.

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  1. A teacher in Canada has asked me whetehr or not it is ok to show a clip from a video (one that is not covered by ACF or VEC) in the classroom as long as it is not the entire video he is wondering if the idea behind the 10% rule for print materials covered by the Access Copyright license applies in a similar way to movies. And am I correct in thinking that teachers can show television programs for educational purposes in the classroom? Thank you!

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