ArLiSNAP Meeting Agenda Draft – comments welcome!

Got something to say? Here’s your chance! Below is the draft agenda for our meeting on Sunday morning. If you’d like to add anything, feel free to post a comment here or on our Facebook page, or send a message to one of the ArLiSNAP moderators.

  • New member welcome
  • Introduction of new co-moderator, Rachel Schend
  • Potential group discussion points:
    • Where do you like to talk? Is Facebook preferable to blog comments?
    • What needs are being unfulfilled by the blog, content-wise, and the solicitation of volunteers to submit more content to the site such as guest post about their current projects
    • Liaison roles, or suggestions about specific projects that liaisons might wish to implement and reaffirmation that the current liaison positions fulfill the needs of ArLiSNAP members
    • Internships – let’s talk about it!
  • Success stories & ArLiSNAP member news

Suggestions and talking points welcome!


  1. Hi everyone! As a job liaison, I feel that the roles could be re-arranged to best serve the interests of the group and content on the website. I was talking to a few of you about creating the ArLiSNAP equivalents to SIGs. Perhaps, we could have point people to be spearheads for gathering information and resources on, say, reference, outreach, archives, digital stewardship, visual resources, etc. We could even follow the SIGs that ARLIS has in place, if desired. They can help to add resources to the website like new tools, articles/papers, and trends. Also, they might be in better positions to reach out to other successful ARLIS members with their specializations.

    See everyone at the meeting!

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