New volunteer opportunity with ArLiSNAP: Become a Fundraising Liaison!

ArLiSNAP is starting an exciting new project with the goal of increasing our contribution to ARLIS/NA’s Student Diversity Travel Award. The ArLiSNAP Gear Line will be expanded to include tote bags with new designs. The profits from these sales will go towards the award. To make this project a reality, ArLiSNAP moderators require the help of a volunteer Fundraising Liaison.

The Fundraising Liaison would work closely with ArLiSNAP moderators to help manage the organization of this project. This liaison will elicit designs from members, and would also have the opportunity to contribute their own designs. They will explore various marketing opportunities, and if possible, they would also aid in the sale of items at the annual ARLIS/NA conference this May, although conference attendance is not mandatory. Once this program is established, the Fundraising Liaison would have the option to stay on to research and organize future fundraising ventures.

What are the benefits of being an ArLiSNAP liaison? Liaisons have the opportunity to become part of a strong community that is working to help fellow aspiring art librarians succeed. This position offers good opportunities for networking, as well as the chance to hone your fundraising skills, which are an important asset in library work today.

Contact Ellen at ellen.j.tisdale(at)gmail(dot)com to learn more about this opportunity!


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