Student Groups for a New School Year

Hello ArLiSNAPpers! I’m sure many of you, like me, are just settling in to a new school year, and that means it’s time to start thinking about student groups. At my school, we’re having our first informational meeting about forming student groups on Friday.

Part of my role as your Student Group Liaison is to update a list of all the student groups out there so that we can more effectively distribute information about ArLiS, highlight successes, and address some of our collective challenges. If your school has an ArLiS student chapter, please feel free to get in touch with me (my contact info is over to your right).

If you don’t have a student chapter and are interested in starting one, or if you lead a non-ArLiS student group (e.g. SLA, ALA, SAA) and some of your members are interested in art librarianship, we would also love to hear from you! As someone in a program with no art librarianship focus, I’m particularly interested in how student groups can create support and opportunities that may not be built into the program.

How many of you are in programs where there’s an ArLiS student chapter? A group that isn’t affiliated with ArLiS, but focuses on art librarianship? A program with no related groups?

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Thanks, and we look forward to hearing what you all are up to!


  1. We have an art librarianship student group at Indiana University that started in 2012. We were told at our founding that ArLiS doesn’t allow for student chapters, so we’re creative called the Society of Art Librarianship Students. IU has a dual degree program in art history and library science as well as an art specialization within the MLS program, so there is a fair amount of participation in the club here. Our main goals are to visit art libraries and meet professional art librarians to learn more about the field, and this has been greatly aided by the art librarianship seminar at IU which includes tours of several Midwest art libraries at different types of institutions.

    I’d be interested in knowing what other types of activities art librarianship clubs are organizing or participating in.

  2. Valerie, thanks so much for sharing more info about your group at IU! You’re totally right about ArLiS not having student chapters — that was a huge misconception on my part — thanks for correcting me :)

    I am working on getting together a student group here at Pitt, where we don’t have a specialization, but we have several archives students who have art history backgrounds. So far we have discussed attending a symposium on preservation of time-based media at the Carnegie Museum of Art, touring local art libraries, and developing a session proposal for Pittsburgh’s next THATcamp. We are also in the process of deciding whether to create our own group, or a subgroup within an already existing student group such as SAA or SLA.

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