Job Posting: Assistant Collections Manager – Museum of the Moving Image, NYC

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Museum of the Moving Image is seeking an Assistant Collections Manager to assist the Chief Registrar and Curator of the Collection and Exhibitions with collections and exhibitions development, care, and maintenance.


      • Maintain the data integrity of the Museum’s collections management system by ensuring that all cataloging and inventory records adhere to the Museum’s cataloging standards, and performing authority work on all people, corporate bodies, and productions attached to catalog records
      • Manage imaging projects for the Museum: work with the Chief Registrar and Collections Manager to coordinate the flow of artifacts to photographers and scanners; scan and color-correct 2-D artifacts; archive all raw digital images; and upload images to the collections management system; and maintain backup systems
      • Manage and maintain the Museum’s collection management system, which includes creating and maintaining administrative and user documentation for the software, managing user access, and training staff and interns on the use of the system
      • Manage and maintain the internal digital archives of images taken during Museum events, exhibitions, and programs, and those acquired for print and online publications
      • Manage the Museum’s institutional archives and coordinate access to, and use of, its contents
      • Manage the Museum’s staff library and coordinate access to, and use of, its contents
      • Monitor and maintain records of environmental conditions in the Museum’s facilities
      • Maintain location records for all objects and participate in surveys when required
      • Assist the Curator of the Collection and Exhibitions with research requests, including providing digital images of collections objects and securing rights/permissions
      • Assist the Chief Registrar as required with registration tasks for the permanent collection as well as temporary loans for changing exhibitions


    • Master’s Degree in Library Science, Film Studies, History, Museum Studies or related field, or equivalent experience
    • Strong oral and written communication skills

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