Join the discussion! #arlischat on Twitter tonight!

Continuing the discussion from this past Friday’s ARLIS Lunchtime Chat, we’ll be discussing pre-conference preparation and advice for this year’s meeting in a #libchat-style session. Below are a number of questions to get you started. Have more? Reply here or send us a tweet @arlisnap, using the hashtag #arlischat and #arlis2013.

The chat format is simple:

  • We’ll post the questions below via @arlisnap on twitter.
  • Tweet your replies with the question number and with our two tags, #arlischat and #arlis2013.
  • Have more questions? Post them here or tweet @arlisnap, using the #arlischat tags. (See our previous post for a more detailed example.)

Want to follow the discussion? Track the tags #arlischat and #arlis2013

Chat officially goes live at 7pm EST/4pm PST!

  • Q1 What are you most looking forward to attending or doing?
  • Q2 What are your networking or icebreaker tips?
  • Q3 If you’re involved in a committee, how did you get started?
  • Q4 What do you wish YOU had known as a first-time attendee?
  • Q5 What workshops or tours are you attending?
  • Q6 What are the best ways to get around Pasadena?

Feel free to jump in at any point in the conversation!

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