Be all you can be! Be an ArLiSNAP Moderator!

The new co-moderator will serve a term of 2 years, to be staggered with another co-moderator (currently Stephanie Grimm), beginning on the first of May. Co-moderator responsibilities are to coordinate special projects, advance the concerns of students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA, and run the annual meeting and student pub stop at the annual ARLIS/NA conference. The future co-moderator will be heavily involved with the administration of the ArLiSNAP blog, and will serve as a representative and liaison between ArLiSNAP and other groups within ARLIS/NA.

Candidates do not need to have been present at the Pasadena meeting in order to run, although they do need to be residents of Canada, the US or Mexico.

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, your professional or educational experience, and your thoughts on future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.  Please post your candidacy below by Monday, April 1st.

Elections will be held using SurveyMonkey from Monday, April 1st through Monday the 15th (Tax day!). The results will be announced on the ArLiSNAP blog on Tuesday, April 16th.

If you have questions about the position or the election, please feel free to get in contact with the current co-moderators,  Suzanne Walsh or Stephanie Grimm.


  1. Hello!

    My name is Ellen Tisdale, and it is my pleasure to nominate myself as a potential ArLiSNAP moderator. I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and currently work as a library assistant in two academic libraries. I received by Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba in 2011, and started working on my MLIS through the online program at Wayne State University this past fall.

    Before starting grad school I taught English for a year in Leipzig, Germany, where I also had the chance to do internships in a research library and an art library, Halle 14 ( Working at Halle 14 gave me the chance to get involved in planning events at the gallery, and this really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a space that can function as a library, an art gallery, and a meeting place for creative types. I would love to see this type of space established in more North American communities.

    I think that the current moderators are doing an excellent job of keeping us informed about job postings and other useful information, but one change I would like to see is a slightly more active facebook page – for instance, a weekly or bi-weekly round-up of blog posts could be useful for those who might miss them otherwise. It could also be interesting to include more posts supporting our growth across all of the core competencies, such as current developments and trends in the art world, as well as news in technology for libraries, instruction, and other relevant topics.

    As a moderator, I would also be very excited to hear about any suggestions for special projects that our members may have. I look forward to working with all of you!

    Thanks for you consideration,

    Ellen Tisdale

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