Co-coordinator for 2012-2014!

Now that we’re all rested from Toronto, I’m putting out a request for self-nominations for co-coordinator, due this Friday, April 6th at midnight.

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, your professional or educational experience, and your thoughts on future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.

A poll will be created on April 7th and voting will be open for one week. The candidate with the most votes on April 13th will be named co-moderator for 2012-2014.


  1. Hi, my name is Stefanie Maclin, and I’m hereby officially submitting my candidacy for 21012-2014 co-coordinator.

    I’m a 20-something Archivist, who’s currently dividing her time between the Public Services desk and Archives at a local community college, and working security at a local art museum. I live, and have lived for the past 11years, in Boston, MA, though I hail from Connecticut. I’m active in the New England chapters of both ArLis and SLA (Special Libraries Association), managing the tech side of things for both. I am also involved in New England Archivists.

    My interests are vast and many, but include women’s history, world two history, art documentation, photograph preservation, maps, metadata and cataloging, and awesomely-written fantasy novels. I also knit, and drink tea.

    My experience is vast too, but suffice to say, I am no stranger to the art library world. In fact, I ran for co-coordinator LAST YEAR, and lost to Suzanne, so I’m also no stranger to ArLiSNAP. I hope to further develop our role in ArLiS, whether working with locals student groups, organizations, or simply cementing our place as the future of ArLiS. As a board member of the ArLiS-NE board, I hope to utilize my contacts there, and across the ArLiS spectrum, as we continue to move forward.

  2. Hello, fellow ArLiSNAPpers!

    You may recognize me as your friendly neighborhood job postings liaison, but I also sometimes moonlight as a librarian. I just started my first post-grad job at the University of South Carolina Beaufort, serving as liaison/field librarian to the studio art department. Before that, I earned an MSI at the University of Michigan with a dual specialization in Library/Info Science and Preservation of Information. At UM, I worked in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library, where I built a small but steadily-growing collection of minicomics; was a librarian at the university’s Museum of Art; and did book repair and preservation in the library’s conservation lab. (There’s more on the minicomics collection here)

    As you may gather from the UM project, I have an interest in comics, graphic novels and the art of cartooning, as well as traditional illustration, and hold a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. My professional interests also include artists’ books and digital archives/digital preservation (especially issues related to preserving artist’s materials and new media).

    I recently joined the ARLIS-SE chapter, have been involved in ARLIS/NA and ArLiSNAP for over two years, and had the honor to speak on the “Unexpected Legacies” panel at this year’s conference. I also serve on the ARLIS/NA Membership Committee, where I’m developing new incentives for potential members and working to improve our services and offerings to current members. As co-coordinator, I would leverage these connections to strengthen ArLiSNAP’s place and involvement in the organization on the whole, to be sure the voices and concerns of the students and new professionals are being heard, and to help members maximize all of the potential benefits of being involved in ARLIS/NA. Suzanne and Rosemary have put together a great list of ideas and goals for ArLiSNAP, and I think we can build on that and our post-conference momentum, whether it’s fostering student involvement at the local chapter and institutional level, developing more wide-range mentorship opportunities, or adding more original content and value to our blog. I’m excited to hear everyone’s feedback and input, and look forward to continuing to serve the group in whatever way I can!

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration,
    Stephanie Grimm

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