Library Science at Artspace, New Haven

Over at … might be good right now there is a post by Claire Ruud, who interviewed Rachel Gugelberger, curator of Library Science at Artspace, New Haven.

When the library of the Brooklyn Museum invited Bunn to do a project with its recently discarded card catalogue, he arrived to find that the replacement online catalogue (Voyager) had crashed and the electronic backup had been erased. Bunn’s No Voyager Record (2008), included in Library Science, projects the physical cards marked with the librarians’ annotations to restore the lost and missing entries. The work captures the digital’s continued reliance on the analogue, despite rapidly advancing technology.

The mission of the show is to “investigate how our physical, intellectual and personal relationships with the library and its materials are changing as libraries adapt to the digital world.”

Has  anyone visited this show or other installations that deal with libraries?  What were your impressions?

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