Call For Papers: “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”

Call For Papers:  “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”
Submission deadline: March 18, 2011
Symposium date: April 22, 2011
Host: Graduate Program in Visual Culture, School of Art, College of Fine
Arts, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
Contact: Lisa Phillips   llphill [at]
Submission website:

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”

We invite proposals for papers and presentations from graduate and
advanced undergraduate students for Writing With Images, a student
research symposium sponsored by the Graduate Program in Visual Culture,
School of Art, College of Fine Arts, Illinois State University.

The Symposium is being held in honor of Dr. Annette Lermack, Associate
Professor of Art History, upon her retirement from ISU.

THEME: Over the past twenty years a good deal of debate has centered on
the so-called split between traditional art historical analysis and the
newer milieu of visual culture. This year the field of visual culture
studies has been declared dead–at least in theory–by some of the same
people, such as James Elkins, who breathed life into the budding field
of study. Yet at the same time prominent visual culture scholars such as
Irit Rogoff and Sunil Manghani are calling for a shift in the
relationship between writing and the image: a shift from writing about
the image to writing with the image.  Such a shift seeks to disrupt the
hierarchical nature of much scholarly analysis of images and to allow
the image to “speak for itself”: to attend to the ways that images
exceed or resist total apprehension/comprehension by language. Manghani
(2008) has proposed the term ?image critique? as a new kind of “living
methodology” that responds to these concerns.

This symposium asks what is might mean to write with images or to allow
images to “speak for themselves.” To date, no local attempt has been
made to draw various strands of inquiry together to identify specific
qualities of image critique. This symposium will begin to address this
deficit by exploring creative reconsiderations of the relationship
between text and image, writing and looking, theory and practice. What
must our research and writing practices take into account in order to
engage with images on their own terms? What new kinds of thinking do
images invite?

Successful submissions will reflect issues ranging from current debates
regarding what Manghani terms “image critique” as a source of creative
input for Visual Culture, Art History, Studio Practice, and Art
Education.  Participants will share cutting edge research and practices
that illuminate areas of overlap between the respective disciplines. The
symposium is a space to highlight the scholarly pursuits of students
representing the visual culture and visual art.
Graduate and advanced undergraduate students of all disciplines are
encouraged to apply, especially (but not limited to) visual culture, art
history, studio artists, and art education.

The one-day symposium will take place at Illinois State University
Gallery with a concurrent morning session in the Center for Visual Arts,
Room 201, located on the campus of Illinois State University at Normal,
Illinois. There will be a keynote address by Dr. Kristine Nielsen, the
Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois at

This call is addressed primarily to students in Central Illinois and
vicinity–we are unable to offer lodging for overnight stays, although
we can recommend local hotels upon request.

See the website for abstract submission and symposium details.

We hope you can join us!

Lisa Phillips
ISU School of Art

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