ArLiSNAP Housekeeping and Updates

Hi all,

You’ll probably notice a few changes in the coming weeks as we refresh the blog’s look and functionality. Suzanne and myself will be working hard to incorporate new streams of information and useful resources into the site in order to help you find more jobs, more educational opportunities, and more discussion within the art librarian community.

Things will be a bit jumpy as all the pieces settle into place but hopefully the ArLiSNAP site will emerge with a renewed sense of dedication and exploration, along with a bit of visual flair.

As always, we are looking for contributors and participants. If you’re interested, email us! And speaking of email, Suzanne will be sending out a call for specific point people to help with postings, webmaster responsibilities, and discussion coordinators. Keep your eyes open for that and stay in touch with suggestions for how we can better serve you.


Rosemary K. J. Davis
ArLiSNAP Co-Coordinator 2010-2012


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