Museums & Social Issues Publishing Opportunities

Museums & Social Issues, a peer-reviewed journal published by Left Coast
Press, is pleased to share a sneak peek at several potential themes for
future issues of the journal (below). We welcome your feedback and invite
you to contact MSI’s editor, Kris Morrissey, if you are interested in
submitting, reviewing or helping with any of these topics

*Future Topics:*

   *Being Human:* How does current research shape and inform what it
   means to be human? How is “being human” studied and viewed today
   in the fields of philosophy, cognition, computer science, biology
   and others? How are we as individuals, museums and a society
   connecting with and grappling with changing ideas of our human-ness?

   *Prisons* *& US:* The United States has the highest proportion of
   our population in prison. What does this reflect about our
   society? How are prisons experienced by those within? How has the
   concept and practice of prison shaped our music, literature,
   identity? How have museums reflected life in prisons or served
   populations within prisons?

   *Aging:* How does aging affect the way we live in the 21st
   century? What are the implications of aging on government,
   relationships, and family structures? How is research changing our
   assumptions about aging? What are the implications of an aging
   population on museums and other cultural and educational

   *Homelessness*: Who are the homeless and what is the path to
   homelessness? What is the daily life and culture of the homeless?
   What are the rights, hopes and future for those without homes? How
   do museums connect with and tell the stories of these audiences?

   *Exhibit, Book or Program Reviews:* The journal is always
   interested in reviews of exhibit, books and museum projects that
   address these or any other questions or issues of concern to society.

For information about submissions and deadlines contact:
journaleditor [at]

Editor: Kris Morrissey (Morriss8 [at]

Managing Editor: Alex Curio

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