Job Re-Post: SEI Curriculum Specialist

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This is the second call for a Summer Educational Institute (SEI) Curriculum Specialist to serve on behalf of ARLIS/NA, in concert with a VRA Foundation appointed Curriculum Specialist, as part of the SEI Implementation Team.

Background information about the genesis of the position and a position description are outlined below.

Candidates should send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to SEI Implementation Team Co-chair Elizabeth Schaub (

Thank you in advance for your interest.


Elizabeth Schaub
Director, Visual Resources Collection
School of Architecture
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station, B7500
Austin, Texas 78712-0222
512.471.5003 (vox)
512.471.0716 (fax)
Deep Focus (blog)
YouTube Channel


The ARLIS/NA and VRA Foundation Boards recently agreed on the following structural change for SEI curriculum development decisions. Upon the recommendation of the SEI Advisory Group (AG) itself, the AG was dissolved.

Going forward, the AG curriculum development duties will be handled in the following manner. Upon the recommendation of the SEI-Pro 2010 Implementation Team, the ARLIS/NA and VRAF boards will each appoint a curriculum specialist to serve on the SEI Implementation Team. The VRAF curriculum specialist will be a VRA member currently serving on the VRA Education committee. The ARLIS/NA representative will be appointed from the ARLIS/NA membership ranks. The two appointees will serve on the SEI Implementation Team, and specialize in curriculum development. They will work closely with each other, and with the IT Team, to make recommendations that will benefit the entire visual resources community.


The basic charges are as follows. The Curriculum Specialist will:
* Help develop the curriculum for SEI 2011
* Suggest potential faculty for SEI 2011
* Research and weigh emerging trends in the visual resources field and advise on curriculum accordingly
* Help envision and shape the direction for future (beyond 2011) SEI programming and curriculum
* Make recommendations based on an understanding of the underlying educational mission of the visual resources profession
* Work closely with his/her curriculum specialist counterpart, while representing the educational needs of ARLIS/NA and VRA membership and the needs of the field in general

It is expected that candidates for the position would:
* Familiarize themselves with current curricular issues, by researching recent scholarship, and exploring various workshops and conferences (VRA, ARLIS/NA, MCN, AAM, EDUCAUSE, others)
* Be actively involved in teaching and training issues
* Have a demonstrated knowledge of educational issues and a situational awareness of the visual resources profession
* Serve as an active member of the SEI IT team

Experience in the following is preferred:
* Curriculum design
* Teaching (library instruction or classroom teaching)
* Conference and workshop programming
* Familiarity with new technologies

The term will be for one year, renewable for up to three years. Generally, the term will run from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. However, because this is a new position, and work on 2011 SEI will begin soon, immediate curricular input would be very helpful. Therefore, the 2010 start date will be immediately upon appointment, with end-of-term August 31, 2011.

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